How many chips does it cost to enter a tournament?

Astral Orion says the buy in is 2,500, the chip amount you have is 1,500 and it also says the fee is 250. So I’m confused, how many chips do you lose if you lose 4th place or below?

Whatever your buy-in was is what you lose. You lose your buy-in when you enter a tournament. If the buy-in is 2500 then that’s what you pay. In order to keep it more realistic and casino like house (Replay) charge a fee which is included in that 2.5k. The rest of the buy-in is used to buy game chips which may differ in value from the buy-in chips.
The easiest way to view this is to consider all chips spent as buy-ins to be lost to the pot and to do your best to win them back.

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Is what you win just the prizes, or is it prizes plus chips you won?

Also do you win the prize minus the buy in, or do you get the buy in back?

The buy-ins of all players minus the fees constitute the prize pool. For example for the 9-seated 2.5k SNGs that would be 9 x (2500 - 250) = 20250. The starting chips each player gets is totally independent from that, they have no inherent value, except when you lose all of them, you are out of the tournament.

Your place in the tournament then determines what share of the prize pool you get. For the 9 seat SNGs usually the first 3 places are paid with a 50% / 30% / 20% distribution. So if you get 2nd place in the Astral Orions you get 30% of the total prize pool of 20250 which is 6075. You make a net gain of 6075 prize minus the 2500 buyin for 3575.

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