How long does it take to update your chip balance in the top bar and hands that you've played on the main page?

When I click ‘view all hands’, the ones played four hours ago appear, and were reflected in my balance instantly if a winning hand, as always… but my latest hands 40 minutes ago haven’t updated. When I go and sit at a table the extra chips aren’t available to me there, either. I’ve seen some answers that say it’s instantly and others that say it’s over the next day… why would there be a difference?

At the moment there are a couple of problems on the site, when you leave the table the chips stay in hold, not added to your bankroll, pay-out of tourneys in hold and updating probably also.

The tech-team is working on it right now, really hope all problems will be resolved soon. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.

Greetings Happiness.

Careco - just to clear up any confusion. Updating should be instant, except when we have some site problems and they get delayed. We’re working hard on getting rid of any sort of delays, even at peak times. Thanks for your understanding.