How is COVID-19 impacting your life?

I thought it might be good to provide a place for other players to let us know how their lives have been impacted by concerns over the virus.

A few days ago, I caught an interesting statistic: Macao’s gambling revenues are down just over 87% from one year ago. Yesterday, I spoke to a friend in Las Vegas who told me casinos there seem to have about half as many patrons as usual, and most of those are playing slots or video poker machines (rather than live games at tables) that they had personally wiped down. I called Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut to ask about attendance, but no one has returned the call, yet. Perhaps they didn’t want to talk about it.

Personally, I’m avoiding people and public places as much as possible. I have enough food for about 10 days to two weeks, including milk–thank you, SS– but will likely have to go out on Saturday or Sunday to pick up some meds. As long as electricity holds up, I’m okay. Otherwise, I’m staying really close to home. It’s nice to be retired. If I was younger and still working with the public…

How is this situation changing your life?


It really hasn’t affected my life to much other then I’ve been stocking up on some extra food and water just in case it gets to the point where I have to stay home for long amounts of time.

If it gets worse I’m going to start limiting myself from going out in public as much as possible. Since I was sick when I was born my immune system isn’t as strong as other peoples so I can’t afford to get this virus.

I got lucky when I went on my cruise back in January. I went and returned from the cruise just a few weeks before this virus started.



Affect? None at all. Stocked up…nothing!!

So far so good, but heading south to help Mom get ready to stay home. At 92, she probably would be black-tagged if it came to triage in her community. :frowning: #1 goal to keep her well!


Just to lighten the mood a bit. No disrespect!


92, eh? Tell her not to slow down or I’ll catch up.

I’ve just read a long list of cancelled events (I’ll list some below), and noticed an ad for cheap airfares. It seems no one is interested in flying commercially these days. Cruises are probably cheap, too, but I didn’t check.

Here’s a quote from a news item: “Cellphones are germ vehicles and hard to clean. When we go outside, we place cellphones in a plastic Ziploc bag: The touch screen still works. When we’re back home, we take them out of the bag.”

Cancelled events and other advice:

The South By Southwest Festival has been cancelled.

The Tucson Festival of Books, which usually draws more than 100,000 people, is canceled.

Harvard, Ohio State and other universities are suspending in-person classes and moving to online teaching.

Professional soccer in Spain and Portugal will be played in empty stadiums for at least two weeks. The N.C.A.A. is considering something similar for its basketball tournaments.

St. Patrick’s Day parades were canceled in Boston and across Ireland, and the Nakameguro district of Tokyo canceled its Cherry Blossom Festival.

Leaders of the nursing-home industry are calling for sweeping new precautions to protect residents, including an end to social visits by relatives and friends. Receptionists should screen everyone — staff members, family members, contractors and government workers — for signs of illness, and admit only those who are healthy and have essential business.


Don’t mean to make light of this serious situation, but starting with the Cuban missile crisis, I’ve lived through about 5 “end of the world” panics. I am going about my business as usual. OK, maybe I wash my hands more than usual, but that’s for the safety of others and to facilitate dealing cards. :wink:


I’ve read that its not necessary to wear a mask if you are well. Hey! How do you know if you are well? You may be a carrier and not have symptoms yet. They say that has been the biggest problem with the virus spreading. Please…wear a mask ! Make one yourself if you have to. There are many youtube posts on how to make a mask. Protect yourself and others !!


Hi RC–good to see you again! We’re hunkered down, riding the wave, hoping it isn’t a tsunami when it REALLY lands. :frowning: Hang in there!


Hey JC - Long time, good to see you too! Ya, its all a matter of weathering this storm. Hopefully, whomever it hits will make it through without too much distress. We gotta all play our cards right.
All my best wishes to you and yours…and to all Replayers!


As we are all already/soon to be in lock-down over this modern day plague I wish you all well and hope we all, and those we love, are unscathed by this. Maybe we can play more together to while away the isolation.
I do have a weird (was gonna say sick) sense of humour so may I please suggest Replay add a few tournaments to reflect our situation.
The Lock-Down Legacy … Winner takes 50% and must gift the other 50% to a newbie
The isolation Idol… 36 players, playing both 6 and 9 player table simultaneously
The Loo-roll Hunt… that’s gotta be turbo sit’n’go.

please jump in with alternate ideas


The governor of Massachusetts just issued a stay at home advisory until April 7th that goes into effect tomorrow.

Going to get some more food and drinks later today. Stay safe everyone. We will get through these difficult times.



stay at home - reduce the curve - save lives both covid serious cases and hospital staff -


On the lighter side…Replay is the greatest way to practice social distancing, imo. :slight_smile:


A “virus tournament”? One random player in a tournament would be the infected one. The infected one would bleed away chips through an added ante that would act similarly to a “rake”. At first, the players seated next to “patient zero” would become infected. Eventually everyone at the table would be “infected” similarly. Then, as these players are moved around during normal table rebalancing, others would become infected. I admit that this would add a little more of a luck factor to the tournament, but for poker players that’s not too unusual. I should add that there would also be another added layer of strategy to be played.
P.S. Tunes for the apocalypse:


Extensively. Having only 53% lung function to begin with, It seems it will be months before I’m able to leave the house except for provisions, even then it’s real scary for me. I hope everyone is safe and this ends sooner rather than later. Needless to say, I’ll be playing more poker.


I’ll be playing poker here until the not-ready-for-prime-time HTML tables can’t be avoided, then I guess I’ll move on and start making funny cat memes or something since the new layout is maddening to an unplayable degree and the feedback about it seems largely ignored. I guess that means I’ve got until tomorrow. Oh well, it was free so I can’t really complain too much.

This should be read by everyone who wants to better understand what’s going on with the virus and likely to happen in the near future depending on actions taken now:

The sources are credible and the information is very helpful/insightful.


The CT Casino’s have been donating to the community. I am not sure of everything that they have done, but I know they donated millions of gloves to first responders


All of us have probably become news-junkies by now. I KNOW the Replay player-base will skew toward the older end just from chatting with others, so all of us oldsters have to be a little more careful than “the kids,” and are therefore paying much more attention to current events than we normally would. Here’s what’s happening in central Massachusetts at the present:

Current Cases of COVID-19
In Massachusetts, there is a total of 1,838 cases of COVID-19 as of today, March 25th. 15 people have died and 103 are hospitalized. 19,794 people have been tested state-wide. You can get more on the daily update of cases and how many cases by county here

Personally being one of those “higher risk” individuals, I’m sticking pretty close to home. Other than bringing in the mail, I haven’t walked outside my door in a week. Yesterday, I was wondering if I should try to reschedule my annual physical exam by my PCP for late April. I was literally sitting down to email her to ask for advice on that when I got an email from her telling me not to come; we’d reschedule at a future time. The good news is she was ahead of me. The bad news is she must be expecting this situation to continue for a minimum of another four or five weeks or she wouldn’t have taken this step. Being affiliated with the UMass health group, she has access to their latest info and expectations, certainly better than my own resources, and possibly better than what is being given out publicly. So, the doctors aren’t anticipating this going away quickly.

I copied the following tips from an internet article:

If you feel sick, stay home, and if you have sick children, keep them at home.

Identify and isolate those who are sick and undertake quick evaluation measures like non-invasive temperature readings for entry into public venues, including transportation systems.

If someone in your household has tested positive for the virus causing CV19 disease, keep your family home.

If you’re an older person or have other conditions that put you at higher risk of fatality from CV19 disease, stay home.

Maintain the best enhanced hygiene practices.

Maintain the “social distancing” guidelines outside of work environments, which in terms of group size may still temporarily limit gathering venues such as places of worship, public events, restaurants and bars, etc., but establish a rolling open strategy for those venues.

Where businesses can function near full capacity remotely, maintain that distancing for a prescribed amount of time.

Allow those who are at much lower risk for CV19 fatality to go back to work.

Evaluate these measures constantly and adjust accordingly.


The situation is growing rapidly throughout the country and the world. I want to send my best wishes to everyone. Stay safe and listen to the advice of your local officials.

I haven’t left the house in 2 weeks. Fortunately I have family members who have been able to go out and do some food shopping. We’ve also been trying to help the local businesses by ordering out a lot on weekends.

We will get through this. We just gotta try and keep our spirits up because things will get better.