How Good are You Guys/Gals?

wouldn’t put too much stock into this, more important to see how long one has been playing to get there.

It’s important to remember once you’ve removed something from your range on one street it can’t magically appear on a later street. I would not in his position consider your range to be “infinite”. For you to be beating A9 on this 6hAsKc rainbow flop is very unlikely. Hands that beat A9, sets AA KK 66 are probably all shoves or opens off 12 bb’s from the sb, 2 pair combos are AK (shove or raise pre) A6 (should probably be shoving pre at least some of the time) K6, and your 1 pair hands AT+ should all be shoves pre. This really only leaves you with 2 pair A6 and K6 and it’s hard to flop 2 pair. V with A9 has a mandatory call here. You’re thinking too much with all that other stuff.

He should be opening this over limpers playing off sub 12 bb stacks, but that’s about all he could have done wrong here.

mandatory as outlined above.

He should either check or shove, making a standard open over 5 other players in the pot off 12 bb’s is terrible and not really an option (not a good one anyway). Max out fold equity and shove and get some value from villains who will call with KQ KJ KT QJ QT JT.

Since this pot is unopened it would not be a donk bet, he would just be leading and if he did lead for say 1/2 pot he should never be folding. If it were me as played I would probably x/r all in as did @MekonKing.

THIS… +100 this is a super easy call for V to make.

@MekonKing this is just kind of a poopy spot that you really can’t get away from without some super specific reads on this villain. You just really aren’t left with any great options. You can check pre from the bb or shove, I prefer shoving to max fold equity and you’re just not going to hit flops well enough to be profitable. After you check though and then flop top pair I just don’t think you can ever profitably fold off of 11 bb’s with that many chips in the pot. I think it’s okay to just rip it in there on the flop as a lead but the check/shove line is okay too, especially when it checks to the late position player and he min bets. Try not to be too results oriented when looking at your HH’s. Sometimes it’s just your time to lose but we always want to be making the most +Ev decisions throughout the game (tournament or cash).

Cheers bro, you’ve been kicking in some pretty nice results, keep crushing em!

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Yea, not sure why I called it a donk bet. In that scenario it’s a small bet and coming out of position, but since there was no action pre it’s me who is the donk, not the bet :smile:

Thanks for the correction!

Also, @dayman do you have an opinion on the original topic?

How good am I? Well, you be the judge. But this is the week that I just had.

20 games in the Astral Pegasus league. No time to play more. #2 in the First 20 leaderboard, and #10 (just out of the chips) on the Best 20. But look at how many games the rest of the Top 9 had to play to get more tournament points than me. I’m only 44k behind #1, and have played fewer than half as many games.

That’s 5 1st place wins, 5 2nd place wins, and 1 3rd place win, for 50% ITM and 67% profit on the week.

Yeah I think a few can beat LLSNL for a small profit or breakeven. It’s very hard to beat the rake combined with variance though, so it does require some run good. Not necessarily by making hands all the time but just not running into the tops of opponents ranges.

Some good discussion on this thread, which had a similar question posed: The Difference between Free and "Real" poker

I have done something similar earlier this year, if I may be allowed to brag a bit… I won a first 7 while playing only 6 games.

Lots of rungood, heavy usage of @bahia7’s Carrion Technique and everyone playing spammy for the other LB contributed to my win. I’d say 20% at most was my actual skill and 80% was exploiting the environment I was in. But alas, this is how the LBs go sometimes…


Donk-betting — leading into the Pre-flop aggressor — used to be one of the greatest sins a poker player could commit.

If you Donk-bet with a bunch of strong hands, you risk leaving your checking range vulnerable to over-bets.

Example: 100NL. 100BB Effective Stacks

Folds to Hero (HJ) who raises 2.25BB. 3 folds. BB calls

Flop (5BB) QD 8H 5S
BB checks, Hero?

SO…, —Should You Ever Donk-Bet On The Flop in No-Limit Hold’em Poker?

If you assume the big blind does not have a Donk-bet range, a reasonable strategy would be to bet all three streets on blank run outs for 75% of the pot with the following value range (35 combinations):


Given your bet size, you decide to employ a bluff-to-value ratio on the flop of roughly 2.5:1 in order to stay balanced. You can choose the following bluffs (87 combinations):

That equals 122 combinations of c-bets out of your 307 combo’s, giving you a 39% chance.

Now, consider the same spot against a big blind who does have a flop Donk-leading range.

Let’s say that you have a decent sample of hands on “Villain” in the big blind, and you think he/she will usually Donk-bet KQ+ for value (alongside some bluffs). That means that the strongest hand the big blind will check to you is QJ.

You can counter the big blind’s strategy by betting more often when he/she checks to you, and you can also do this in a balanced way so he/she will not be able to exploit you by under- or over- folding.

Let’s build our range VS. this opponent using the same plan of betting three streets for 75% of the pot. Since you know that the big blind is capped at QJ, you can confidently bet with QJ+ for value (59 combinations):

With roughly 2.5:1 flop bluff-to-value ratio, you can choose the following 146 combinations of bluffs:

That’s 205 combos of hands you can c-bet from your initial range of 307 combos, which comes out to a c-bet frequency of 66.%.

Despite identical bet sizing, you are able to c-bet much more often against a player with a Donk-bet range, winning the pot much more often.

An astute reader will notice that since Villain is capped, you don’t have to worry about facing check-raises when you bet the flop, which allows you to use over bets to extract maximum value out of Villain’s relatively weak range.

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:100: a player who has a donk betting range would have to be extremely sophisticated to be balanced and you just don’t see those players very often. Plus what’s the point, even if you’re balanced then you should be indifferent to how V reacts thus giving up some percentage chance of exploiting them and kind of removing the opportunity for them to make mistakes. Great post @JuiceeLoot!

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hundreds of millions here and more than gas money at live tourneys

That’s exactly why I prefer limping with most of the hands I play (even monsters like QQ+). Most of the people on this site are uber calling stations and will call just about any sized raise with any two cards just to see a flop so if you raise big pre-flop with a monster and three people call you down you aren’t even going to win half the time and you’re pot committed now.

So I limp a lot of speculative hands (and even pre-flop monsters like I said above) and when I hit I’ll bust them post-flop when I get a monster (set or better) because they’re such calling stations - if I miss I just fold and if I flop something like top pair I usually try to control the size of the pot rather than bloat it. The only time I raise pre-flop is when I’m at a table where most of the people can actually find the fold button which is rare…