How does the SNG leaderboard scoring work?

could someone help explain how sng low leader board works.after 120 tournys does your average score matter.randomly picked a name they had played137 games withaverage score of 4217 points next day they had played142 games with average of4297 points.maybe im reading the top of the page wrong or does it keep adding average ponts and when you hit 120 games you are done for leader board. any help would be appreciated thanks…hd101

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So, as described on the promotion page:

After 120 tourneys we take your average score across ALL qualifying tourneys and multiply it by 120, which means after 120 tourneys your overall score can go down as well as up! [/quote]

Basically what this means is that after 120 tournaments, if you’re playing BETTER than before, you’re overall score will go up. But if you play WORSE than before it’ll go down. So play on if you think you can improve overall your average score, but stop playing if you think you’re unlikely to improve, because you risk your average going down. Does that makes sense?

The problems with the SNG system is Double Scoring (one kind of math before the 60 or 120 games, and the different scoring after 60 and 120 games) and Double Dipping (at the bonus by playing in two or even three levels).

The real question should be: why are the Hi, and Medium SNGs playing 60 games and the Lo SNG plays 120 games, with a simple follow-up question of why don’t you just stop the tournament for any person who goes a game past the 60 or 120 games? Allow him to win chips but freeze his tournament score. Why engage complicated math, which is basically different scoring at different times of the tournament, what I call Double Scoring?

This occurred because way back at the beginning of time monster players played hundreds and maybe even thousands of games and would win the bonus at a level. The good players who didn’t want or couldn’t play a thousand games started to complain. Thus, unlimited amount of games was first turned into 30 games for Hi, 60 games for medium, and 120 games for Lo.

The people who complained wanted lower amounts because then they could be competitive. But then a new phenomenon occurred.

The people complaining got their lowering of the amount of games but they also started to play in two levels more frequently, like Med and Hi, or Lo and Medium and in some cases Lo, Medium and Hi. So now people were double dipping and triple dipping in the bonus money, thus frustrating other players in each level as now the system allows the former players who were not monsters to become monsters themselves.

With this, there were two gigantic problems, the double dipping and the confused tournament scoring that I call double scoring.

Double dipping can be stopped easily. Just allow people to claim which tournament they want to attempt to win the bonus. Then they can play for chips in other tournaments, can earn playing chips but cannot gain bonus points.

Double scoring can be eliminated by having bonus points only count to the maximum amount of games, and any game after that the bonus points are not counted.

One other thing; I think all tournaments should be 120 games as many of the top players in Medium are playing as top players in Hi and Lo. They are those who rid the games of monsters.


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excellent suggestions Scratch–as always you are on point

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Why should a player have to pick only one level to play ? I know that when i play S&G i usualy play the first one that fills up !! Same goes with the mtt games where once again i play whatever is open at the time i am on. I would like to see a leaderboard that would include all games a person plays with no limit on games played-no matter about high or low In other words who wins the most tournament points in a month no matter what games they play!! IS THIS POSSIBLE ?? To me that will show more than all the different leaderboards!! In other words who is the best all around player per month!!!

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