How does Replay handle the burn cards?

Does the Replay system burn one card prior to dealing and then prior to to turn and the river cards?

If so why don’t the burn cards and player folded cards appear in a discarded stack near the dealer as in live holdem poker?

It is burned. The place at the table is limited. May with the new design…

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Hi 34Ford, actually there is no burn card at online poker sites because there is no need for one. Live games burn a card so that there is no possibility of players knowing the next card if its marked. Same with the bottom card of a hand dealt deck, that’s covered too, so no-one can see a card which is definitely not going to be in play this hand. If there are online sites which show an animation of a burn card, it might not even be an actual card taken from the top of the virtual deck, it could be just an animation for effect.