How do you

make them new filters (for games, limits etc) permanent…every time i come back to the site i hafta reset them

Providing you set them then click “update filter” you should have no problem. Mine stay at the settings I have chosen by doing this.


having the same issue, not every time but on occasion and I have updated the filter when I reset

continues to be an issue,

can some one on staff lock them for me: Holdem, high and elite tournement, high and elite ring…

Hi @county29 and @will_lira, whenever you change any of the dropdown menus in the Lobby you’ll need to click the “Update Filter” button. Once you’ve done that it should save that filter setting for you each time you bring up the Lobby page.

Just to double check that we’re seeing the same options, please check out the screenshots in our Help Center article on Lobby Filters here:

If after reading through that article, you’re still having issues with the settings not saving correctly, please send an email to our support team at so we can investigate further.