How do you use the NOTES feature?

I often make notes on opponents. To save time typing during play, I abbreviate a lot of things. FB, for example, is a frequent bluffer.

Do you keep notes? What sorts of things do you want to remind yourself of?

Do you refer back to them during play? Are they useful to you?


I often makes notes and almost everybody has one, mine let me know who is a bluffer, who is rude, who has no manners, who is a bully, who is a nice player ( i have many of those notes) and i make a note if they are in my friends list because many times i am not sure when i don’t see some players all that often. Notes are very handy and i read them as soon as i see a player with one on their name.


what does my note say? lol


Notes are useless.

Players change behavior over time, and good players play very differently depending on the situation.

I remember player’s names, and whether they’re good or annoying or whatever. Most players I do not worry about, I can beat them without needing an edge over them. I just have to play the cards I’m dealt.

During a game, though, I keep mental notes on players, and observe whether they are shoving a lot of junk, if they can fold a hand, if they like to raise, if they like to c-bet, if they like to bet pot from position to no action, etc. and look for an opportunity to take advantage of this.

After the game ends, the player may change strategy, or learn, and then my old notes on them are no good anymore, and can in fact hurt me.

That’s all I need.


I use mine only to keep track of my friends list,wish there was an easier way…like a mark by their name at the table.

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On the new tables, this is a feature. When you mouse over another player’s image, either one or two small indicators may show up, the bottom one is for notes, the top one indicates your friend. If you have no note and the player isn’t your friend, no little mark will show. To test this, visit a “new table” and hover your mouse cursor over a player you recognize.


This is a good question. I use notes most often in two specific instances. If I observe that someone pretty much always has the good cards when betting big, I make a note of that: “Trust the big bets.” If I am fortunate to see the cards when a person bluffs, I make a note of that, too: “Bluffer?” Puggywug is right that player behavior changes from game to game, but I date my notes so I can be aware of WHEN I made it.

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Will you still see those indicators if you have no friends at the table…none of mine will play that lo

I mean will you see the indicators on everyone at the table?

Not seeing anything lol

My Wife uses a Letter system that We tweaked to be simple… If they don’t chat- X. Friend -F. Bluff- B. Raiser -R. etc… I also track any dislikes of a Player. ZZZ- Only fast play will do… etc. I wish the System We have now was kept and were also able to insert one or two Numbers or letters into the note box onscreen.

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You need to make your OWN notes on the players. Just click a player, then click notes and type it in. Then scroll over the player’s image and the little indicator will be there. If you haven’t typed any notes in, it can’t show you what you haven’t written. The “old” system was to select a player, click notes, type it in, and a little note card would show near their name. The card won’t show on the new tables, but the note is still there.

I also put notes on just about everyone … nice , friend , bluffer , bully … etc and I also put the date , people change over time .


OR…they could have simply put a small smiley face on the players pic :slight_smile: like some other sites do.
They seem to like to have us clicking a lot lol