How do you update your profile picture?

I have tried clicking on my picture but absolutely nothing happens. Does anyone have an idea as to how it can be changed? TIA

Just click on EDIT PROFILE (right side on your Profile page). On the next page you should be able to change the picture. If this doesn’t work for some reason, send an email to :sunglasses:

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You should be able to drag and drop a new picture onto your profile edit page, or you can scroll through files to find it. And don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of that screen to save what you change. That hung me up the first couple of times I tried: I hadn’t saved it.


They will only allow you to change it maybe 2 times & then you’re stuck with it.

Not true , I change mine twice a day , sometimes 3 times since I play in team leagues and have to change my picture to the team logo.

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RowdyRudy, I think each person has the option to change his or her screen name once with the ability to transfer all chips to the new name. After that, I believe players who want to change names again have to start a new account, with a beginner’s chip count. Profile pictures can be changed infinite times.

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Actually if you wish to change your user name more than once it is advisable to contact
You may change your avatar as many times as you wish.


Can you please tell me how you do it? I have been trying for ages but just cannot work out how it’s done. TIA

As Jonah and jan have explained, just go to the Dashboard and click edit profile. From there you can change your picture, remembering to save the change.


There is a dropdown menu in the upper right, next to the tiny picture you are currently using. Click it and select “profile”

On your profile page, there is a line that says “profile picture” and to the right of that is a “change” button. Click it.

On the next page you will see a large box outline. Click inside the box, browse to find the picture you want on your computer, click it to highlight it, then click open. This will select that image as your profile picture.

Scroll down and click the “save” button to lock in your new picture.

If you want that image to show up in the forum too, you have to log out of the forum, then log back in to force an update.


I have tried that many times. I see what looks like a magnifying glass with a plus sign in the middle. However, when I click on it a bigger version of my profile pic is displayed but there are no options to change it

Go to your profile page .
Click on Edit Profile
Then click on change ( beside your picture )
Then click on Select files to up load
A screen will pop up , click on the picture , you wish to use , then click on …open
The picture should now show on your screen , click … Upload
This will bring you back to your profile page … click Update Profile ( this button is at the bottom , left


Thank you so much. I can’t believe I never saw that button before. Sometimes you cannot see for looking. :wink:


No wonder Con calls you “Teach!” Well done, SS.