How do you unfriend some one

How do you unfriend some one

go thet user dashboard then click on " Remove Friend"

Marcipan is correct, if you friend someone, then you can remove them as a friend by clicking the button shown in the screenshot - it’s located on the public profile of that player.

However note that right now you can’t remove yourself from the friend list of another player. We’re going to change this so it works like facebook where you accept or reject a friend - hence, it’s a two-way process. Right now it works more like twitter where friending is like following. Hope that explains it!

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled how do I delete a friend off my friends list?. how do I delete a friend off my friends list? Ive got two people on my friends list and I do not interact with them I want a clean friends list.

Just head over to their profile page (either search their name, click their name on the friends list at the bottom right of every page or go to your own profile page (from the menu at the top right) and click their picture. Then you can remove them by clicking the ‘Remove Friend’ button as shown in the screenshot above.