How do you read your opponents bets and reading your stats?

Most experienced players know the odds of their own hands wining and have a betting strategy but you also have to know how to read your opponents bets to try and determine what they may be holding or fishing for and that is a much harder skill to learn IMO.

If you can’t read your opponent you are likely to end up running head long into a trap bet and if you are too easy to read you won’t build big pots to rake.

One way I rely on to know if I am reading my opponents and my own cards correctly is to keep track of my wins at showdown.

My stats: pots At showdown 53% and pots Without showdown: 47%

So my average is pretty good that I am reading my opponents pretty well and taking more than half my hands at showdown. I want to improve that of course and would like to get above 60%.

So for you experienced players out there: what is your strategy for reading your opponents bets and your own stats to know if you are improving your game?

Please share your own showdown stats if you want to do some bragging lol!

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My pots won at showdown are 79% and before showdown 21% yes its very important to read all players on the table and throw them off of reading you. betting strategies are just as important but if you cant read players well than any betting strategies will not work well. However that being said after u learn all the basics of the game i would say these are my most important tools to have and master to increase your skill and level of play. there are many ways to read your opponents and prevent them from reading you however there are too many different variables of betting strategies to list here. Those depend on so many different factors each hand. Good question tho, best of luck

In my experience when someone bets a whole lot…they usually have a really good hand…

You would think huh lol!

BUT in many cases they just think their hand is good before seeing the flop or river and that changes everything.

I catch people all the time over estimating their hands without expecting how the river will change that and could lead to a much better hand for your opponent.

You can try a bully bet to keep them from seeing the river and that is also a strategy I use occasionally but if you misread your opponent and they are holding a flush hit or pair you probably just cost yourself a big pot.

That tells me you only play pat hands and fold alot on the flop. Not a risk taker.

That is a fine strategy if you have time to sit on a table waiting for a hand.

If people read you doing that though they will just fold and not feed the pot. Something to consider.

Would you win larger pots if you took a little more risk after the flop?

that shows u if i dont have a good flop then my chances of winning the hand decreases with the turn and river on winning. it also depends on how big the blinds are on betting after the flop. U dont understand that i mostly ( 90 % ) of games i play are tourneys and if u dont play this way u will be knocked out fast, rings is a whole other world. ive won hundreds of tourneys playing this way, if u want more risk then go play rings, if u take too much risk in tourneys than u will never make it to the final table or showdown, and yes i take risks when the time is right to do it but one bad beat in a tourney and u are out, so maybe u are talking about rings more, in rings i take risks almost every hand. In tourneys your pots won at showdown should be at least 3 or more times the amount of pots won before showdown. I dont like to go all in on AA at the beginning of a tourney, only if im heads up with someone,if too many players are in the hand they will will beat your AA more than 50% of the time. if you dont understand tourney play ( which has way more variables when playing ) than u wont understand what im saying. this holds true for sitngo tables the same way, basically same as MTT at the final table with starting of the game. If u dont believe me that it works and u have to play that way to win the sitngo table or MTT than go look at the medium sitngo monthly leader board from january til june for 1st 6 months of the year and tell me which players it worked for the best.


Pretty much the same as mine … at showdown 78% …before showdown 22 %

Do you play mostly ring, tourney or league?

exactly, thats what im trying to say, if u have more pots won before the showdown u will never or seldom win a tourney because the risks out weigh the rewards for remaining in the game long enough to win the tourney. BigDog if u ever have enough chips to play a 250k tourney then u will see almost all players play like this and thats why the tourneys take over 2 hours. your percentages and bank tell me that u are playing low stake rings, the complete opposite of high stake tourneys. u start the forum asking for advice and we take the time to give it to u and then u doubt or criticize it. doesnt make sense, why post for advice if u know it all? we are giving u some advice, and sharonsmarty is a great tourney player too and u see her percentages. as far as how many tourneys ive won u can ask sharon, she knows and will tell u.

Ok, now how many people do you know that play those tourneys?

If your strategy works for a high pot tourney that is great but keep in mind probably 90% of players here are not playing those tourneys and that strategy would not work on a ring game as you would be read very quickly.

I didn’t say your strategy is wrong for the games you play but may not be the right strategy for other situations and that is why I started this thread to see what strategies people are using and why?

If you ever want to test your strategy just come play on a ring table or real money table with me and I will show you why that strategy is not always the best choice.


lol ok, i see your bank is too big for mine. 90% of players here are not playing those tourneys? your right but who cares whos playing them, all that matters is beating who is in that tourney. if u dont understand what ive said then u are not at a level yet to play with 250k tourney players, u dont know if u havnt been there, and no thanks on your low stake rings, was there 6 years ago. and i told u my advice is for tourneys only.

If you just want to brag about your bank maybe start your own thread with “I am the best player here!”.

Your narcissism is obvious and I wonder if you actually earned those chips starting out with just what RP gives you or bought a huge stack?

Either way, what I said is accurate and is meant to be useful for us regular players that make up 90% of the players here.

Not the prima donnas lol.

yes i understand, but i am in the top 1/10th of 1 percent so its hard to relate your play to mine, maybe u should go ask the players ranked at your level if u wont take advice. my strategies dont work with those players, u asked advice from the skilled tho so just tryin to give u my 2 cents worth. we are both playing with totally different caliber of players so u cant compare strategies as well.

Good grief lol!

Be honest- did you start out like most people with just the chips RP gives you to start or did you buy a big stack to brag about?

I offered you a way to test your caliber. Take me up on it.

Never mind… don’t really care lol!

started with 2500 freebies but took me years to build it, low rings, med rings, high rings, now mainly tourneys, no skill in heads up tho, rather u hop on a 9 player 100k or 250k sitngo table and see who places best

Well great- did you look down on all those players when you started and when is the last time you came back down and played with the rabble where every chip counts instead of being able to throw up a million and not miss it if you lose and laugh with your buddies on the table?

Your strategy may be great… your attitude however sucks and especially considering this is a free game designed to encourage a social atmosphere and fun for all levels of player.

If you want to test your caliber play for real money. Look me up on Pokerstars.

Have nice day!

dont want or need ur 112k chips but u lets meet on a heads up high 100k sitngo right now, i can use an extra 100k

If you want to test your caliber play for real money. Look me up on Pokerstars.

Have a nice day… I will!

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