How do you join a League?

How do you join a League?

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Go to the leagues topic and find a league you want to join.

League Discussion

There are usually instructions in the specific league threads, but if not, just post to the thread of your league of choice, and they will help you.

Basically though, you send the league founder a friend request, then ask them to join. They will add you to the roster. Some leagues are invitation only, but most are not.


Thank You SunPowerGuru… will do !

Well… as was before, on other occasions… called up “SNG” Leagues ~ “Astral” Leagues … ie ‘Orion’… and still do not find HOW TO JOIN…

You don’t have to join those leagues, just play the games and your points go to the leaderboards.

From your dashboard, click “All Tournaments,” click the SnGs tab, then set your filters for game type, betting limits, and buy-in. Check :hide finished and hide running, and make sure hide empty is unchecked. What’s left should be a list of the tournaments you are looking for.

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For private leagues use the dropdown beside your picture and a page of all private leagues will show. You can then click on a league to see the administrator and most times there will be info on that page as to how to join.You can also see the times and members for each league. This link will take you to that page .Hope this helps.


Thank You

Thank You both for sharing… will re-attempt…