How do you get paid for royal flush had one today but nothing happened?

had a royal straight flush today but didn’t get anything

now what no answer

no answer to my question

Hi bobo11

You had the Royal Straight Flush in the Holdem game or in the Royal Game?

When you had the Royal Straight Flush in the Royal game it counts not for the Awards / stats. Also it has to be visable for other players, when you have a Royal Flush and every other player folds and you muck, it doesn’t count for the Awards / stats also.

the game was Kick Starter #130803 and all players saw it and commented

does that apply ?

thanks for info

I forwarded it to support, there they can check it.

If it was in Royal room/tour , then sy, no.

I find the hand

No, this not count to the awards, Royal Fush way too easy here…


Thanks marcipan, i sent Andrew a mail that it is solved.

bobo, pitty it was in the Royal game, hope you get the Royal Straight Flush soon in the Holdem game and get the Award for it than. Good luck!

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I only played this table to get that award, I made the hand but doesn’t show up. I’ve also never gotten a straight flush at this site either. I don’t know if that would effect it.…

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I put some same thread in this place, make things clear:

Royal Strait Flush not include in awards if

a, You get it on Royal Hold’em.

b, You not show.

point “a” its way too easy make RSF on these rooms, the chance get them much more likely then real Texas Holdem. I think its safe to say, you can get award run for the olimpic marathon, but not around your house.

point “b” have to be open hand after end game. Its up to you, you show or keep the joy for yourself and you able keep your playstile covered. Its no way this can be changed to order keep both.

I hope this help.