How do you get max value out of flopped quads?

It’s your lucky day.

You’re holding A4 in the BB, you get to limp in, and you flop quads: 444.

How the deuce do you extract value from this situation?

Sometimes you just can’t. You’re the most likely player to have a 4 here having checked your option in the bb. In this hand though, after it goes x x 40 c c on the flop and then x x 40 c on the turn Ts I would x/r the turn to like 2/3 pot. They probably both fold but if you you’re lucky and one of them hit that turn maybe they’re bad enough that they can’t fold the T. AP I’m definitely leading the river when sb x’s to me. Don’t want this river to check through.


I did think about betting the river, but figured it wouldn’t get called, and if the UTG player went with another bet on the river, it might be a bigger one, and then I could raise. Didn’t work out that way.

I get what you’re thinking, but you’re letting the UTG player set his price for the river. If he had a T and bet it, even if he bet a little bigger he should be insta folding to any aggression i.e. a x/r from the BB. Really after being called in 2 spots on the flop and turn he should be checking back T’s on this river anyway.


I think at the stakes this was played at, I was lucky to see any action at all, to be honest. At lower stakes, surely by the Turn someone would have shoved air after two streets of checking gave them the impression that surely no one could hold onto 4 4s without betting something and then I could have had them.

Try leading out and get called by every high-card, A-high and raised by every pocket pair. The flop is the street you are most likely to get action on and build a pot. Then pray someone catches anything. On this board, someone chasing a worthless flush draw will do nicely.

Or, you could play that hand when I open AA and pretty much get my stack :slight_smile:


I think you should have bet the turn. Not a lot, maybe half pot or so. If you get raised, just call.

It’s hard to get called on the river, but I think you have to bet something there. Something timid, like 2BBs might induce a bluff, since everyone was obviously fishing and the 2 didn’t help anyone.

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On this question I would like to note that only on RP have a I ever flopped quads (most recently two days ago), and I have done so several times since I began playing here.

Never have I gotten the “max” return when trying to play them, unless I was playing with a fish (or an RP player ranked about 1999). From the other side, when trips are flopped on the board I only call I if am holding the case card or AA. The downside of betting otherwise is too great, while the upside is usually minimal.

Your question though does raise an interesting point. I have been playing poker for at least 35 years, and while I have no doubt RP does all it can to promote fair/real play (and has NO motivation to tilt the table so to speak), but I do see premium hands repeated here much more frequently than I have seen at any live cash TABLE. Note I said cash table (both tournament and single table play). When you could play for cash in America I saw the same tendencies for repeated “unreal” hands on PartyPoker and Pokerstars, but never in ANY casino.

I am not knocking RP, just sharing my experience. Knowing what I know about how cards can come in a on-line game (not just RP), I have adjusted my game accordingly. That is what good poker players do, not complain about how someone else is responsible for their poor play, such as when you flop quads, crush a full-house and take his/her entire stack because they were holding a pair (usually face cards).

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I know what you mean. My very first hand ever on the site, I was dealt AA, and had to wonder if maybe it was not a lucky coincidence for me, or if the site was greeting new players with the best hand to give them a great first experience and set the hook. I see pretty incredible cards regularly, what feels like way more than probability would predict. Pocket pairs three times in a row, AA back to back, suited flops fairly commonly, three of a kind flops fairly commonly…

Speaking of which (granted it is Omaha) - Hand 510599752 - Flopped quads.

got max value out of my flopped quads

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last time i got quad 4s, it cost me my 9s over 4s boat, and all my chips.

this worked out a little better

i agree. i once drew to quad jacks, lost the next hand (with a J) then drew quad jacks on the next hand. i’m guessing there are no printable odds.

here’s the 3 hands

It’s a little easier when you only have a paired board. Much different from 3 on the board.

It really depends what your opponents have. If anyone has a pocket pair, then they will probably call off their entire stack, safe in the knowledge that they have an unbeatable full house.

Or if they are a big bluffing type of player with a big stack, they will not be able to resist calling down to the River with any two overcards, then bluffing if they miss or a backdoor flush shows up on the River. To induce a bluff it may help if you type something in the comment box like “yikes” or “typical RP flop” to indicate that you are one of those solid players who never plays anything as humble as a 4 and regularly gets beaten by lucky rascals who enter the pot with megahands like K 4 o in the expectation of making two pairs on the turn and river after calling a pot-sized bet on the flop.

It is useful to have these little comments pretyped in a clipboard program so that you can slot them in quickly if needed, or just type them in between hands and look for a chance to use them.

I would bet half the pot at the flop after hesitating, because opponents will not be able to make sense of it, will maybe sense weakness if you can make it look like a probing bet, or an attempt to pick up the pot on the cheap, and will call if they have some expectations of improving. This is why it is important to make half pot bets at the flop before this happens when you have total garbage,and then show your losing hand at the end when you are beaten by pocket 2s.

Poker is a game of deception, so do your best to deceive.

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Yeah, 1/2 pot on the flop would be good too, because nobody bets flopped quads. Follow this with a check on the turn and a smallish bet on the river. As has been pointed out, it depends who you’re playing, what they have, and your table image.

Even if everyone folds half the time to your flop bet, you are still probably better off than check/calling 40 on 2 streets. At least give them a chance to pay you.

And never show the quads if they fold. Say something like, “Hell, if nobody wants it, I’ll take it!”


Since this happens ALL THE DANG TIME on RPP, this is what I will do the next time :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I thought you were the one asking opinions on how to play the hand. Yes, it doesn’t happen that often.

Well, now your sarcasm has hurt my feelings!


to be fair, you didn’t say how the quads had to be hit, just asked how get max value from a flopped quads.

No this is replay. In one of my games last night, there were 3 or 4 flops with three of a kind in them. It’s not often I hit that flop, but it happens here all the time.

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