How do some of these players play?

first of all I understand players call with who knows what. I also know chips mean jack squat. I just got done with a tourney where I jammed all in with A,Q and got called by 8,10. of course the 8,10 won. nothing new for me. yes they gambled, they got lucky and what not. had chips blah blah. my question is
why can they call with a junk, but they can’t even call big blind on next hand? there are times they are first to act and just instant fold. or they call big blind. someone else jams all in and they can’t call. what are they folding with? why can’t they call the other players all in but can call mine?

I seen this a lot over the years and I just don’t understand it. it just drives me up the wall.


Maybe you wriggle your ears.


I’m serious here.

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I’m not. Sorry. Happy New year.

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don’t find comments like that funny.

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I think you are expecting everyone on this site to be good players and that is not neccesarily true. People play different cards in different ways. Some players just won’t fold some hands. Some players don’t pay much attention when they play. Overall, I think you should just be happy that there are players worse than you so that you can take their chips lol.

just trying to figure out and understand their logic. I mean can call a all in with 2, 7 and get extremely lucky, but next hand without even blinking a eye just instant fold. it just makes no sense at all. why are they willing call with 2,7 but nothing at all on next hand. I don’t expect everyone to be good players lol, any hand get next has to be better than 2,7 or whatever 2 junk cards want to use.

I’ve found over the years that the tables that take sooo long to fill up frustrate players to the point that they just want to play cards so any 2 cards are worth calling and raising and re raising with as long as they are in the game. That’s my take on it…

I’m not talking about the sit n go’s. its MTT’s I mostly play. It just odd that they choose that hand to call me, but can’t call someone all in previous hand or hand after. I don’t know, just don’t get it. would be nice if one of these types of players would see this thread and explain it.

Ooooo, ok .

Hard to answer without more details. What were the blinds and antes? How much was your jam? What were your positions? How many chips did the guy have? What stage of the tournament?

As an example, if I am sitting on a big stack late in the game, I would play 7T against a small jam if I was closing the action and getting better than 3-2 pot odds. I would think I would usually have 2 live cards, and be in decent shape against pocket pairs 22-66 This depends, in part, on who is jamming. The fact that I can eliminate a player makes it worth the risk, even if I’m not getting quite the right price.

I would not limp the same hand because I might not be able to realize my equity if I do hit. It’s just a different dynamic.


Since you know that players will play anything, my question is why you jammed with AQ. As SunPower said it’s hard to know what really happened with no details.

and let any trash hand limp in?

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You didn’t give enough details about your hand. What position were you in? Did you jam with your first bet, on the flop, the turn, the river? What were the cards on the flop, the turn, the river? Those kinds of things make what you do very important. AQ isn’t that strong out of position if someone has already raised, and sometimes the best play you might make in a game is folding strong hole cards that didn’t improve. And, maybe most of important of all is the fact that it’s free poker where some players aren’t trying to be good players. They don’t really have any thing to lose and get their excitement from just playing anything and everything and occasionally winning. Every book, Youtube video, etc. on poker discusses that these players don’t win in the long run. If you just keep playing solid ABC poker, you will take their chips if you play them often enough.

my grandpa taught me… If you sit at a poker table and cant figger out who the fool is in the first 5 min… it is most likely you.


I not really talking about my hand. I just used it as a example. its just in general that these players just call a all in , but next hand they can’t call a all in or even the big blind.

Unfortunately, that’s just poker at free sites.

not all players are logical

They’re GTO randomizing their calling range :rofl:


Just being in a game for some is enough to scratch their itch…any 2 cards will do …

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