How do I sit at a table?

can get to room but how do I get onto the table I have clicked on all options and can not get to the table

Maybe you have to activated your account first. Try this.

marcipan 1 month ago Hi. Did you check your email after you register? (may need to check your spam folder) You should read something like this( this is example only) :

Thank you for joining ReplayPoker!

In order to start playing, please click the following link to activate your account:


Your account details are as follows:

Username: xxxxxxx Password: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Then you ready to play! Good luck at the tables ! If not works, please respond here

Good luck and have fun.

As happiness says, you need to make sure your account is activated. Does this answer your question?



mikeraphone made a new topic for this.

Solved, he is playing