How do I leave my seat and have my space be immediately empty?

How do I leave a game and not have my seat remain at the table?

Hi jimbo

Best way to leave the room (ring game table) is first click on sit out, at the end of the hand you get the buttons to leave the table (seat) or to continue playing. When you leave, your seat becomes empty and another player can take the seat. And you can click the red x upper right of the table to close the table.

Greetings Happiness.

Just to add, its a thick-box response time problem, Paul said , they will try it make it faster, so, less people stack in the next hand , even if they did close the room properly. I see a problem with this, some pay for Big Blind or the small without they knowlage and keep up the timer its an unpleasant for the rest of the players left in play in the room.

It was in my mind to suggest an idea to make a button an immadiatelly seat up close the room to order to eliminate this problem. Give some breathing time for RP, I think they got so much to do on they plate right now.

But Hapiness answear the correct one.