How do i find high stakes sngs?

I happen up on them occasionally but would like to play more of them…

If u are interested in scheduling one please reply to this thread

Or if u have one or more scheduled and looking for an additional player let me know

Just so you know, SnGs are not scheduled, they play when the table fills up.
If you want high stakes I would go to SnGs, click on the header that reads “buy-in”.
This will list them in order of stakes…from there, scroll down until you find the stakes you want to play and register (even if it’s empty). That will take it toward the top so that others can see you’ve started a table and join also.

yeah…but what i am lookjing for is a group of people who want to meet at a particula time

oh okay, my bad :grin:

i would certainly be interested in the 5M SnG’s but the problem is that they take ages to fill in (if they fill in the first place) and since i’m often short in time lately i can’t wait for it either. it’s also why i couldn’t join the rp team event, would have been a lot fun to play but would most likely result in screwing up my team members by having a chance of not being present at the right time.

so point of the story is i would be happy to join if it’s filling in but i just have no idea when i can/can’t play.

just though the least i can do is show that i like to play em if possible (and maybe others would as well by knowing so)

i am thinking maybe 10 am …for the people who get knocked outta the Big Bang tourney