How do I chat at the table? I can chat in a tourney lobby but not at the table

At the tables i can type in the chat box but it does not go into the chat scroll. My chat option in the settings is not turned off. What am I doing wrong?

Hi laughsalot

Which browser you use? You have the same problem when you use another browser? Some players had the same issue in Google Chrome. You might check this page (chrome://plugins/) and make sure that the Flash plugin is enabled. You can also troubleshoot by disabling any additional plugins that you have installed and see if that helps at all.

Greetings Happiness.

Yes. I’m using Chrome. I checked my plugins and Flash is activated. Haven’t tried another browser yet though

Can you try using Firefox or IE? Also tell us whether you’re on Windows, Mac or Linux and which version. Also try disabling your add-ons in Chrome, sometimes they can conflict.