How come people have to say why they are leaving....?

And they post the hand that precipitated the decision to leave…

I have seen enough of these posts to be curious…opinions anyone…

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It’s a game everyone needs to relax and have fun

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Easier said than done :wink:

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county… i agree with U! enough sob stories plz… less whining more winning!

I never say when I leave. I either leave, loose all chips, kicked out of play. If I know someone I just say, “see ya”.

If I’ve enjoyed the table I’ll say thanks for the games and enjoy… If a bingo player shows up or an overly aggressive player I often just leave or I may say that I wanted to play poker, not bingo… but that’s just me.

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They’re basically talking about leaving the website for good, not just a table or a tourney.

County, am I correct in detecting in your post a condescending undertone? Sorry if I am wrong. :slight_smile:
I remember how you made me smile once, when you proudly wrote in these Forums, nobody knew your name. Since then, whenever you join my table, you are for me “the man with no name”, who, like Clint Eastwood in the spaghetti-western, is impassable, laconic, hard and merciless, at least apparently.
But… there are here around “weaker” people than you. They get angry and give vent to their fury either by moaning at the table, or by publicly announcing a drastic decision they’ll probably regret later.
I don’t think it particularly despicable, although a whining or haughty attitude like “this site is unworthy of me” might seem a little ridiculous.
A second aspect of it, is that in the course of the years many players have developed a personal relationship with others. They might want to motivate their decision towards the people they have a hearty intercourse with, and take leave from them.
And… can we really blame them if perhaps they secretly hope to hear, please re-consider your decision? Well, I can’t. This is only human.
For two people who announce they are leaving, there are ten who leave without a word.
If I ran this site, I would always want to know why people leave. It is like a restaurant one has attended for a long time. Some simply don’t go there any more, some complain that the quality of the food isn’t as good as it used to be, some might say, there are more and more unbearable customers! Here at Replay, for the latter complaint there are little solutions, unless one could hire a doorman to keep donks outside, but an explanation involving the quality of the site could be an impulse to consider if the complaint has some justifications, and possibly take the right countermeasures.


I have to admit to a bit of confusion on this topic. Wasn’t sure if the person referred to leaving a ring game, tournament, or the site.

If you’re in a ring, some players will announce when they are leaving as a heads-up to those playing or any spectators wishing to play at a full table. I usually will say something like “Leaving on the button, good luck all.” It isn’t required or necessary but it happens a lot at casinos.

Naturally, if you loose an all-in bet on any tournament and loose, you’re eliminated. Those who have friends at the table might give a farewell but it isn’t necessary. I’m actually surprised the site allows railbirds to converse. On another site these railbirds became too much of a harassment factor and the site disabled that function.

For those leaving the site, saying anything can be seen as sour grapes. We’ve all heard the usual suspects. Rigged game, favorite players, best hand always looses, and the proverbial runner-runner winning too often to be honest. If you’re leaving the site, drop a note to the administrator via “contact us” and go. Dumping on everyone in the forum and than never responding is counterproductive.

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Everyone - it’s spelled “lose”, not “loose”

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Good to know…I thought it was luze. :relaxed:

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were they winning or losing.

you need to talk to harley57 lol

lol your cool ol man

in fact there is a doorman that keeps the donks away, he is called “elite stakes” :grin:

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Not always though. Sometimes he lets “elite donks” in. :grin::grin::grin:


haha, guess he doesn’t get payed enough with the low rake here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pronunciation Lose-- Luze Loose- Luce