How close is this to real poker

Hi…this is the only place I have played poker…never been on other sites and never played it for real on a card table…so…how close is this site to the real thing ?

Not very….to the real tables…human element (psychology) mostly removed. No site could hit that.
But situational poker it is good at simulating.
Very good practice for the math however….


agreed boom. Real poker is reality though, and the consequences can be hard to accept.


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i try it not bad but the real thing u will haveto try some day me i have a problem
seem as if flash player is causing my cpu to shut off thats why i stop playing got a notice in my email i try again and the same thing happen to my cpu so its bye bye again thanks for the notice but ill keep on playing my offline version.

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I had similar problem. My system monitor showed CPU running at 100%. I had 1gig RAM at the time but upgraded to 3gig RAM and that sorted the problem out.

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Yeah, unfortunately the Flash technology we currently use is a bit of a resource hog. It’s fine if you have a relatively new computer, but anything really old is going to struggle. We’ve got an HTML5 version in the works, which will drastically reduce the system requirements needed (and allow you to play on tablet/mobile), but no ETA at present as to when we’ll be able to release it. Still lots of work to do!

Because I am commenting often about the connection problems, replay starts following me, Replacing me to new tables when i write.
Last tournament Hi/Lo my Hand #153497425 had Lo but didn’t get anything and Lo was not mentioned…
HOW can i lay without commenting on your site wrong doings…
Last week i had again very bad connection problem and everytime I had to click “I’m BACK”, click, click, click no reacting but a reaction came from the admin…DO NOT FLOOD THE CHAT…, but i wasn’t only trying “I’m BACK” click click click?

Is that you Mr. Replay doing that behind and manipulating the outcome to create problems for someone who is commenting in the chat. Can’t reach the all table chat due to it is out of site.
And things like pair K getting 6K and flush getting 900, what is that…
Just a program fault, or is there an invisible interfering hand behind…???

OK i think this site has a problem i turn of flash in Firefox only when im trying a site like BBC that ask for flash player i enable it lets not talk about new are power i just put together state of art cpu 16gig ram memory 4 gig video card 64 bit operating system windows 7 pro yet still when i hit his site wham shut down every time no im not coming back

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There are too many players who will call an all in with 8-3 off and suck out on you---- If this was real $$ they would never call with hands like that. This is not real poker


my only experience of poker is small pots £15 with some friends and whisky lol, glad i never go to casinos, very regulated here.

that is partly true boom, you could say a bet response time is an indication of the human element, plus i have seen folks rattled in chat… but all that void if you hit a bad server patch where your lucky to get 1 FPS (frames per second) on your monitor. my system med/high end gaming system…

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I-just-play-holl-hand-not-one-card-if-I am–black–balled-thin-just-tell-me-and-iwill–leve–ok-I -lake-playing-hear-but-if-I-got-two-then–I-will ok–ricky

Hi kelawala!

In your hand #153497425 you are complaining about not winning the Lo hand in that tournament. However, you were not in a Omaha Hi-Lo tournament, you were in a Omaha (High only) tournament :wink:
Case closed :slight_smile:

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thiis site is a joke they dont use the rnp program this is rigged the boards always hit just about everyones hand and they have TEN royal flushes a day poker stars has 100 times the players and they dont have close to that many but try both sites and see for yourself

RP have faster rooms and more hand. RP do use RNG.

5 today…

Played there too… Got SUPER! Royal Flush less then 1000 hand… (HH may remember)
Played here 260,778 and not a single real one, ( Disclaimer, on my awards is from Royal rooms).
Facts pls before s

It is REAL Poker only in an online format. Major difference is that it doesn’t drain your wallet.