How can u tell how long u have been a member of replay?

i was just wondering if there was a way to see how long u were a member of replay poker?

Profil , awards , second square

sarkozi where are you!

hallo my Community friend

Sarkozi, it is very good to hear from you. I can also say with all confidence C4 is glad also.

Thanks both of you , ( I had the correct doubt :wink:

Package did you change names or giveup again?

I was terribly bored, giveup again ofc :wink: , see you …once

Well, send me a message should you come back.

You guys have to exchange email in PM. off topic your comments, I will clean up soon. ( delete the comments)

I can’t, since Package/sarkozi is no longer on RP without a profile to send a PM. This was the only way to contact. Sorry, if we disrupted somebodies delicate sensibilities.

NO, not thet, just pay a fortune for my net now. to check on your love life, cost me money. :))

Not a love life! Just checking on a friend and saying goodbye, the best way possible. Thanks for your ever diligent efforts at policing the site at your expense!

off topic is delicious :9

Hey sarkozi, take care and come back soon:)

This off topic stuff should be halted! Und perpetrators prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Trying not to bore sarkozi!!!

Well … I back :)) LOLOLO

Welcome again:)))

Thanks and hello … again 8) I cant say goodbye to nono , I love him too much X)

…and hello to officer :stuck_out_tongue:

nono is gone but still has a voice from beyond.