How can I remove the ranking from my profile?

How can I remove the ranking from my profile?


You can not remove or hide your ranking, ranking and the total amount of chips is visible for all players on the profile and ranking on the mini profile also.

ReplayPoker also shows the ranking so players can be competive with their friends and with all players. Beating other players and ReplayPoker friends is often a goal and fun for players.

***note…at the moment ranking is based on total chips but in future that will be changed (see some other topics)

Of course feedback is welcome why to show ranking or why not show ranking.

Greetings Happiness.

My ranking has been stuck on 1617 for over a week, and I have gained over 45,000 points in that week. What goes there ?

That’s odd. I can see your rank is now 1,554 - can you confirm it’s working okay now?