How can 3's full of Aces loose to 3's full of 2's? Watch this replay and tell me how I lost. This happened many times but I saved this one just to make sure I was seeing it correctly. Does this happen to everyone often as well?

My bad I see!!! I had the rules wrong.


in omaha u can only play 2 cards in your hand in your case here u had a three and a pair of aces in your hand with two threes on the river but you only had 3 of a kind . winner had a duce and a three and a pair of threes and a duce in river hence she or he had a full house threes full of twos.

the painyman

I"m assuming you had 2 aces in your hand(i can’t see your cards) but you would have had just 2 pair with the 2, threes that were on the board. You can only use 2 of the 4 cards in your hand in Omaha. That person beat you fair and square. He had 3, threes over 2’s. He used his 1 , three card and 1, 2 card.