How, and why, can a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool be cancelled?

Today’s tourney with a 1.5 million guaranteed prize pool was cancelled. It had seven players registered with a 100,000 buy in.

If Replay is guaranteeing the prize pool why would the tournament be cancelled??

“2.4 A tournament, its format or guaranteed prize pool can be changed at any time prior its start time and at the sole discretion of Replay Poker.”

My own opinion, can be some server down or technical issues too.

Hi bucksarge,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Yes, that tournament had a GTD prize pool, but it also had a minimum requirement of 9 players. If the minimum is not met, the tournament is cancelled. In this situation “guaranteed” means that if the tournament runs, that prize pool is guaranteed. Unfortunately it does not mean that the tournament itself is guaranteed to run if the minimum is not met or we have a scheduled maintenance window, etc.

In responding to you, I realized that this minimum player info did not carry over to the tournament lobby details when we upgraded to our new design. We’ve notified the tech team and we’ll get that added back asap so we can avoid any further confusion.

Cheers, Lesley

Gotta say your system is unfair and petty. Replay canceled ID: #315138 two minutes before it was supposed to begin because there were 8 entrants at $100k each, and the prize pool was 2 million. That’s worse than just petty. I can’t recommend this site.

Sorry about that. If a tournament does not have the minimum number of players required to start, it is automatically cancelled the the buy-ins are refunded to the players. We agree this process is a bit clunky at the moment and not the best experience, so we’re working on improving this whole area.

In fact there were only 7 players registered at the time, and that tournament has a minimum player requirement of 9 players. It was canceled 3 minutes before the start, which is odd, as this is one minute before we seat players, when unregistration stops. I’m going to check if we have this set up correctly, perhaps we should only check at the time the tournament is due to start, or at least 2 minutes beforehand at the time we would normally seat players. Will post an update shortly.