How about you FIX YOUR BUGS!

min 500, but i MUST bring 1209 or more???

please provide more info. Actually I did find your problem.

Its a future , not a bug. Its anti bank system. If you leave the room with 1209 chips, in the next one hour if you rejoin, you have to bring 1209 back, even the min is 500. You can bring 1210 …to max .

Its may indeed a bug with your acc.

Thanks for reporting it.

Looks 6 player effected along with you. Keep you updated.

As marcipan says, this is the anti-banking rule that all poker rooms insist on. I think the other thing maricpan is referring to as a bug, is a sit&go tournament, you were seated at but which never ended because of a bug. That’s a separate issue that we’re looking into and will refund the buy-ins for shortly.