How about a new Sunday tournament?

I miss the Sunday tournaments - the old Buffalo tourney, even Alec, when he showed up. It was nice to have a tourney that players from all walks of Replay would compete in. Players all have different focuses - some pursue the Astrals, or big ring, or Gemstone, take is easy in the freerolls, what have you - and having a weekly tourney where players who might not bump into each other often can say hey was really cool. Even if there isn’t a Twitch stream (I imagine Replay has tried to find a new host) Replay could add some bells and whistles to it - a Yearly leaderboard for the tourney - Bounties maybe - a rebuy and addon - I’m sure people could come up with some fun ideas.

Just found myself thinking about it lately. Thought I would put it out there.


I wholeheatedly agree!

Dont take to long figuring it out!

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Here’s an idea - the top 5 players on the leaderboard all have bounties on them the next tourney. Doing well overall makes you a target. Maybe the player in first place on the board has a larger bounty.