How about 4 person N/L Hold'em

Have a 4 person table… fast pace or slow pace… 200/400 on up. If person times out 3 times bump from table.

Hi SuddenSam,

Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback, this is an interesting idea. I’m curious if others in the community would like to play on a table like this?

Maybe @Happiness has some thoughts on this as well.

Cheers, Lesley

If more players like the idea of 4 seats tables and vote for it i think it is possible to create a couple of them.

Only the time that players can sit out is for all ring game tables the same, but it is only 5 (or 4 not sure) mins, that is not so long.

Yeah, the time limit for sitting out in ring games is set to 4 minutes.