Horriable beat outs

Why is it that, all the sudden for the past almost 2 months I cant win one single time and or place. the beat outs are horrible, makes me not want to even play anymore. zona79

I know how you feel

its unreal

Hadda lot of personal experience with that Z, guess its the luck of the draw.

yea it is unreal

Guess so Bill :slight_smile: but dang it’s going to eat up all my chips… lost over 400k in the past month or so, when’s it going to stop. Zona79. I just got my friend crubfrush to join we have been thru 2 sites together. Ultimatebet to carbon to here :slight_smile:

it gets to a point where you don’t know what cards to play or how to bet a hand

I do agree with z and trav there is at lot of bullshxt going on here
I was told by Paul Mr replay that he would look into this matter but I still see the same bullshxt
Donkey players winning all the time with bullshxt cards
There are a lot of angry people now .maybe something will be done now
PS I just want a fair game

Bill how can you say it’s the luck of the draw it’s more bullshxt then luck