Home Game Poker League

The Home Game Poker League is a high stakes no limit hold’em multi table tournament that simulates a home game among friends.


Tournament ID: #2872509

Contact Adumbrated if you’d like to be added to player list.

Premier tournament will begin on Friday, 7/12/2019 at 7PM EST.

There’s also the Saturday Home Game at 1 PM EST on Saturdays, 10M buy-in.
Tournament ID: #2874624

@Adumbrated I dig the idea, would love to play. Friday’s time works for me but can’t always get the Saturday time. My biggest issue is the structure though. I can’t play a tournament that doesn’t have antes… super ugh to me. For that reason, I’m out.

Let me know if structures change though.

7/12/19 Friday Home Game results:

7/13/19 Saturday Home Game results:


Thanks to all who played, it was a ton of fun, and i won one! }