Home game plo question

Hello folks,
In a home game PLO pre flop betting ends. Dealer who is also a player deals the flop but by mistake burns two cards. Small blind not realizing dealer s mistake checks the flop. Then everyone realizes the mistake and stop. Now what is the correct action? Shuffle two burn cards and the deck and deal a new flop? Or continue action since small blind acted.
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It’s a friendly home game, give the chips back replay hand , stay friends. Or get everyone to play here and no dealing problems just “ glitches “ :joy:


Thanks for the advice. It’s actually an expensive and serious game. I d like to know what would be the decision in a casino.

Can’t help you there because only you know the other players. 2 different scenarios, home and casino. I’d rather keep my friends.

Perhaps you can find your answer here
Hope this helps.

Link was very useful.
Much appreciated

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Glad to help, thank you.