i am fed up with online casinos…why u ask…because i saw a hologram whilst playing online baccarat at a live dealer casino.
as the card leaves the shoe the card goes over the reader this is when the hologram is activated…clearly the card was a red king then quick as a flash it turned into a 8 of spades…because it was red to black it was easily seen

Of course you did. All computers use it.

Computer-generated holograms have the advantage that the objects which one wants to show do not have to possess any physical reality at all (completely synthetic hologram generation). On the other hand, if holographic data of existing objects is generated optically, but digitally recorded and processed, and brought to display subsequently, this is termed CGH as well.

Ultimately, computer-generated holography might serve all the roles of current computer-generated imagery: holographic computer displays for a wide range of applications from CAD to gaming, holographic video and TV programs, automotive and communication applications (cell phone displays) and many more.

Wow well spotted unreal well done . What do you propose to do with the knowledge the site yopu was on is clearlly cheating?? Again n1

It’s not cheating!! It’s part of the sites program. Do you think online slot machines are actually moving too ???

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I admit that I have no idea what the OP is talking about.

You were at a casino playing online, but with a live dealer? What does that even mean?

And the casino was projecting holograms to make one card look like another?

I must be missing something, which wouldn’t be unusual.


i have been banned from playing at our casino in australia because i won too much.
so i visited las vegas and had such a good time until staff at various hotels i was staying in …in las vegas stole or did not return my bond money.

I’m trying to understand what all this has to do with holograms at online casinos like the thread title says ?

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you american attitudes are so very different to the rest of the world…you show no sense of humour…

Yeah. Especially the staff at various hotels in Las Vegas.

Now that’s funny :laughing:

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