holdem poker

can anyone tell me if while playing in a tournament,can someone elase play my hand for me while I am away. holdem that is live. thank you

Maybe if they are physically at your computer/device and using your control buttons while you run to the rest room or such. Easier–and much safer–just to sit out and return as rapidly as is practical. Certainly no other Replay player could do it remotely without creating all sorts of problems for you and the site. Do you really want someone else having that sort of access to your information and controls? I know I wouldn’t.


alan thank you for input. I an talking about live tourney.

Playing live poker in a card room. If you are away, no one can play your hand while you are gone, however, you do not get out of your turn for the blinds. Your stack will be blinded off. Often times the dealer will ask one of the players next to you to put your blinds in the pot. But you hand will be killed when the deal is complete.

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thank you for your replay. was not sure but I thougt thar how it was

And no one else can p-lay your hand while you are at the table…