Holdem in Florida Tournament?

How many of you would like to get together for a week end of Texas Hold Em in Florida next winter? I can accommodate roughly 100 people at tables. I can also work on special pricing for hotels and local sightseeing tours.

This is just in the thought process, but I am throwing it out there to see if there is any interest. Replay players only to be invited.

Florida is a non gambling state and we keep that legal by only tipping our dealers (we have many to choose from) and winning is paid out for 1st through 3rd place . You would be hired by the “company” to be bounties for the following month.

Our league has all the tables, dealers necessary to pull this off.

I would like to explore the idea and if enough are interested I think it would be great to meet some of you and have a fun week end. Cyn

Works for me depending upon the date and location.


Location would be Citrus County Florida… about 2 hours from Disney, Tampa, St. Pete, Daytona etc. lol… date can be fixed once we see if enough interest is generated.

Keep me in the loop. My wife and I are heading down this coming winter from Northeast Ohio to take our three year old to Disney. Would be a real trip to meet everybody from replay.