Hold a monthly Tournament for top 1000 ranked players for a real circuit event seat!

Advertisers will pay large sums to put ads on a sight that people flock to to play for free to win a real prize. That $$$ will pay for the seat and all other expenses the site has. Perhaps even offering the funds necessary to pay for 4 Main Event seats that can be given to the winner of even larger quarterly tournaments. All the meanwhile leaving the sight a completely free and legal non-gambling poker sight. What do you think???

There are players all over the world… There are circuit events all over the world… If such an idea could be considered and implemented, the site would just locate such an event closest to the winner’s region for the prize during that current time frame…

I like it! We need to double check on the legals, but otherwise something like that would be awesome =)

Great idea. It sounds fun!

Hey Paul, just wondering if you’ve got to check out the legals on this one?

Wow you guys are thinking again :slight_smile: I love the idea Bad! How you can do it Paul. Thank You

To my last statement, Paul I meant to say hope you can do it lol :slight_smile:

Really looking for that extra incentive to take my online play to the level of my real casino poker room tournament play. I truly think this sort of thing will do it. Plus if it will for me, you know all of the rest of the real players will be upping their game too. Hoping the sites current profits might get us going with a real tourney buy in prize for all of us free players constantly honing our skills and setting our sites on the big game. And that Replay might hold a big opener Tournament that will influence the rest of the world join, and all the advertisers to support these prizes into the future.

It would be good to get some more comments from other players on Replay of whether they like the thought or not. I hope to here from you all in reply from this repeat post. Thanks, TheBadBasher

It’s certainly an exciting idea! And of course if the thought’s uncomfortable for some (tight schedule or family emergency) they can just choose not to play it, of course. It would certainly bring more people here for a chance to really compete for something important, and like you said it would provide an incentive to really treat the game as real as possible.

It may take some time to set up and all, which is totally understandable, but once it’s clicking, it’s going to be awesome.

It would be awesome if there is more challenge for players on ReplayPoker.

Such a game with such interest that creates such a large field would certainly play on all of our senses, sharpening our skills, and tightening us up to learn better how to stay alive in the long game longer. Essentially making us better poker players playing more competitive games and better refining the rank system.

Replaypoker is the first site of it’s kind to put into such detail the combination of all the personal parts of the game (Rank, awards, hands, stakes, tournament / ring game styles, etc., etc…, etc…). This addition of monthly and quarterly tournaments for real prizes for free players on a worldwide community website would be a revolutionary addition to what Replaypoker already has into play! I’m sure it will make this site “The Premier Poker site” on the web bringing in millions of players and millions if not billions of dollars! All on a site that players don’t have to pay a penny to use… And that the site doesn’t have to pay a penny to reward with after the initial kickoff, and even that will be a smidgen of the current profits…((( REVOLUTIONARY!!! ))) Thanks to those who have commented. We need more to bring this site to that next level… Thank You kindly for your comments and consideration, TheBadBasher

Just want to ring back into see if Paul got to check on the legals as he put it, and/or if so, whether or not a plan is in the works for such a tournament.

I also wanted to check if any of the other players truly have any interest in such a thing. Or maybe they might have a better idea to incorporate some real prizes to land better interest of the truly good players already playing on the site and gain a multitude of interest from the professional players of online poker or poker in general all around the world. I truly think this sort of periodical tournament will coin the best interest and better game play on the site or at least for these events! Once again, please respond… Thanks, TheBadBasher

I think he do whatever he can, but way too much on hes plate right now.

Example I got 3 day aprox left to work something the site, need answeared questions like 40. And Im not the only one . This idea of yours need much more of the time then 2-3 week. I think more then 3-4 month or not more. Pls be patient. :slight_smile:

I appreciate your swift response marcipan. I just have to let you know that I’m not meaning to rush the process, but that I’m more interested in getting feedback from all of the other players, and keeping this idea / topic towards the top of the page if possible to help stop it from fading from memory and more importantly, to keep it easily noticeable for anyone new to the forum or those who haven’t been there for a while and suddenly pop in to see what’s on other player’s minds. I did not mean to offend you, Paul, or anyone and hope I haven’t. I do assure you that my patience runs for miles. I know that even if you all behind the Replay scenes liked the idea immediately and planned to put it into place that it would take quite some time to work out any of the details, let alone all of them. So, no sweat… Just hoping for more of a response from the crowd.

If the crowd’s listening then let us all know your individual thoughts on the subject and the topic will float on the top of the page all by itself. Maybe share the word to others who are not on the forum to get them to go and read the idea and feedback on it and reply themselves even if it’s just a simple yes, no, maybe, do it, don’t do it, sounds good, or even just " radical ". All I’m saying is that interest is what will drive the value of the idea. If there is none then it might not be as successful as I think it will (yeah right). Still, this is the way to test the waters. Please respond players… Thanks again marcipan, and sorry no rush and no offense, TheBadBasher

great idea

I realize now I didn’t reply to TheBadBasher from several months ago, sorry about that! So, I like the prizes idea, and it’s something we’d probably look at next year. We just have to tread very carefully, because as soon as you introduce some sort of monetary/physical prize it triggers a red light in the compliance departments of the payment processors. For example if we did that, then we’d have to run it past PayPal, Google Wallet, Skrill etc, otherwise there’s a real risk they would refuse to process our play chip payments. First we really want to get our poker platform to a state where it’s super stable, scalable and we’ve added those more requested features, then we’ll have an opportunity to pursue something like this I think. It’s going to take time, but be assured that every day that passes, Replay Poker is getting a little bit better - it all adds up! =)

winning a seat at the main event would be an incredible incentive to players to play well