Hobbies/interest you do besides poker

I am into tractor pulling. I have a cub cadet called blue lightning. My Dad and Brother also have pulling tractors. season starts in mid April and ends in October. any questions may have please feel free to ask and I will answer them. below I have a video of me and my tractor and also a picture of my tractor

share your hobbies and interests

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Hah, that’s awesome. I’ve only attended pulls, never even thought of getting involved. Where did you get your start?

I tend to dabble in dabbling. Done homebrewing, photography, breadmaking, a few failed podcasts, some livestreaming, tried my hand at novel writing (Let’s not talk about that), boardgame design (Well, that went better…)… I think I’m best at playing and breaking video games, rather than trying to make them go. We have talents like Luiz for that sort of thing. :wink:

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well my Dad and Brother got started by person that lives in the same town, and helped them get started. one day I went with them to a tractor pull just to watch, and my brother asked if I would want to give it a try I said sure and I was hooked ever since.
cool story though. my first win came exactly a year later at the same place that I did my first ever tractor pull



Now thats sweet !

Love the mini tractor pulls better that lawn racing.

Hey gatzby ever try demolition derby.

I have heard of lawn racing and I always get asked if my tractor is a racing one

I have not, unless you count city driving and I try to avoid that as much as possible!

that one is pure pulling

HAHAHAHA love that answer

pulling and nothing else

what did it start as

nice pull

not sure. another person was going to turn it into a a pulling tractor, he didn’t have the money to do it. I got it off of him.

Thanks. I just never knew something like tractor pulling be so much fun

What’s the next step? Every car buff I know has a favorite – Mustangs, even Minis – what’s the “Ferrari” of tractor pulls?

You’ve got me looking up local events… I wonder if there’s one in Darrington… I’ve never forgiven myself for missing the Goatolympics.

this is one of our biggest tractors

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