**Hit and run? **

Scenario 1 :
You’ve been sitting at a cash table for an hour or so and you’re down just about 3 or 4 blinds when you get dealt QKs and called someone’s raise. The flop came : KKQ. Your opponent bets 1/2 the pot, you called. A blank hit the turn and he shoves, you call of course and you doubled up cracking his Aces.

Scenario 2 :
It’s the same exact thing (Scenario 1) except that you were the one with the Aces and lost all your stack.

After having doubled up, should you leave or stay ?
After having been stacked, should you leave or re-buy ?

I’m curious to know what most of you guys would do in those two situations.

As to myself, according to my humble experience, if I lose my whole original buy-in, I would leave, go shake it off by doing something different (Read, study, watch a movie etc…). Most of the time, chasing and trying to get your money back only leads to disaster.

On the other hand, if I’m up, especially if I’m playing with around double the maximum buy-in, I wouldn’t go nowhere as long as I’m not tired. Having a nice stack makes it difficult for people to play against you, and that’s when you take advantage and make some profit.


Interesting take on these situations. If I double up, I usually stick around and use my bigger stack to my advantage. But if I lose my buy-in, it’s time to step back and regroup. Chasing losses rarely ends well.


Been a long time since, I’ve played cash games at a casino. I can only say the difference of Scenario ! & 2 is what your lifestyle is at that time. I have lived both of them, through the years. Have lost Thousand’s at young age and won thousands a bit later at an older age with certain goals for our family. Everyone is different, but for me I set a goal at the table to cash in and did when it happened. Wife & I would stay at the casino a couple more days and go play golf.


I stay as long as I think I have an edge and there is at least one fish at the table no matter if I’m down or up.

The only exceptions are if I lose so much that it affects my bankroll management or I can’t play my A-game because I’m tilted or mentally off balance.

And regarding having a big stack in cash games: it doesn’t have any advantage if you’re not better than the other big stacks. You can’t bully people around unless they are scared money. It’s the short stacks that can take advantage of the situation that big stacks play speculative hands against each other and move in.

If you don’t believe me on the latter see the links below:


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For this reason I now play with a stoploss of -2 buy-ins and a stopGAIN of 4 buy-ins.

I find that past 4 buy-ins, it becomes easier to lose than to keep winning. Just my experience.

My biggest single ring game run-up was sitting with 100M at a 50k/100k table - that is, I had 1000bbs in front of me. I played for another 30 minutes and cashed out for about 65M. Definitely made some mistakes in that stretch but can confirm that at some point, it starts to feel like gravity is a lot stronger than your flotation device!

It depends…

In scenario 1 I might stay depending how tired I am and how the table feels like.

In scenario 2 I’m not sure. If this happened in the beginning of my session I just might re-buy. But I would never shove aces when there already is a pair on the table.

I don’t chase losses . I call it a day ,so as to avoid tilt and bad decisions. If I win big I might try to see if my winning luck continues or if RNG starts giving me cr"" hands , in that last case I leave table asap . They give you sth only to take ot back few hands later lol .