Highly skilled, or just plain lucky

I know the more expericed players here have seen it all, but I may have only experenced a game like this, once before.
A while back, while combing activity to see which tournaments were making me the most chips, I came across a SnG that lasted 21 minutes. I’d never won one that fast, so i was curious to see how I did it. The game was long gone from hands. I assumed I won a hand with multiple all-in bets.
A couple of days ago, I won one even quicker. This time I was able go back through all the hands, and grab some stats.
Total time…19 minutes
hands played in tournament…28
personal win/loss…21/7 won the first, lost the next five, then went 20 and 2.
knock-outs… 8
winning hands…full house 1, flush 1, straight 1 (chopped), set 1, two pair 2, pair 5, high card 1, table folded 4, opponent concedes 5.
losing hands…all folds
times bragged to the ole lady…lost count
First hand…https://www.replaypoker.com/replay/670815041/flush-king-high
Yea, I know 85s, oop, is a fold, but I’ve been trying to see more cheap flops by being very strict about how much of the flop I need to hit to invest more chips, and I like eights.
Well, anyone who’s played against me, or checked my bankroll, knows I’m not that good. Of course it was luck, and not getting punished for limping, but at least now I can say “Hey kid, I’ve seen it all”

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I had one on another site where seven players out of nine went all in on the first hand. (Needless to say, the players on that site were not well skilled, and it wasn’t a big buy-in). After that hand, we were all in the money–a monster chip leader, and me and another tied for second.

The nice thing about this was that the monster chip leader was as big an idiot as the six who were eliminated, so after awhile he went broke as well.