Higher limit tables

Accidently got on a 5k/10k table and was dealt cards before I could leave. down 10k off the bat. Decided to stay and play and stayed very conservative… at 10k a crack I had to be. after a few hands I got one of those ‘almost a sure winner’ hands and there were two of us that were certain we had that pot locked up. I stayed conservative on my bets owing to the fact that I had experienced a lot of ‘sure winners’ in the past and got cleaned out. As luck would have it, another player had a similar hand and went all in. At this point I figured there was only 1 card in the deck that could beat me. I called. Cards showed and I had a K high flush and my opponent had a Q high flush. I left the game a few hands later up by 600K. Today I went back to the high end games and came away up 200k. Game is the same, just the bets are higher…

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Post a link to the first hand please with the big win.

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I see a Jack high straight and nowhere near a flush but nice win :+1:t2:

Show the flush win please.

The poker gods were with you…Take those chips and RUN!!!


opps, I mixed up my 200+k win with my big win… both nice wins… lol

Here is the A flush… Hand #951272017 · Replay Poker

Nice catch !