High Stakes Players in Low Stakes Games...ARE YOU THAT BAD REALLY?

funny how the so called pros who buy chips to get their millions…lol…always playing in the low stakes games against some almost NEW players to the game!!! WHAT A CROCK OF chips~~~~ ;o) lol



I simply like the low/mid stakes games.
I started there and never “moved up”

I currently have 2,670, 071 chips.
I earned my chips the old fashioned way…though my husband did buy me 50k or something because he thought he was being nice -way early on when I was brand new here.

Your statement implies that perhaps all new members here do not know how to play.
There are a myriad of people who have a lot of experience playing live poker…before they give online poker a try.

I sit down and rarely look at people’s rank.
I just figure out how the table feels a few hands in and adjust accordingly.

Does it really matter the amount of virtual points a person has upon sitting at a table?
Everybody starts out with the same amount; time and fate handles the rest.

…and besides, you never do know who you are going to sit next to and that’s definitely part of the fun.


  1. Since these are “play” chips and the winnings are also play - no one here is a “pro”.
  2. I have NEVER bought chips on this site, EVER. I have built up my chip stack by playing Low, Medium and High stakes (tourneys mostly).
  3. I use this site as practice (mostly for the math involved) for real table play.
  4. It’s kinda fun taking chips from butt hurt folks such as yourself though.

“Life can be hard, wear a cup.”



I find whining to be distasteful…


Seems like the Whining is coming from the High Stakes people…GUESS I HIT A NERVE! they are there to improve their rankings…you know kinda… kinda like CHEATING!!! ;o) My My only mean responses from mean people…im turning off links to this dont need to hear from a bunch of loosers~~~~

I earned my chips and never bought any I play in the cheaper games when I detect that my luck has left me and minimize my losses until it comes back.

get your facts right before you open your big yap most players earn there chips by winning from guys like you.Its the luck of the draw more than being a pro.Low stake games are more fun, alot of good people playing. So relax and have fun, the chips are not real money.

I play where my friends play… no better or worse than any players… Well maybe better than a few.

That is kinda funny, IMO :smile:

I LEARN from high stakes players.

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Whats are “loosers”.? Are they male or female or is it a unisex term? What are their young called? What is their natural habitat? Are they solitary by nature or do they live in family groups? I suspect the latter if there are bunches of them roaming around. Is their society matriarchal or patriarchal? I would assume they are either herbivore or omnivore and at least semi-domesticated as they have chips at low tables. lol

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I find players of all levels show up at all different tables. I play mostly low and medium stakes but I usually leave a table when a player shows up that tends to over bet hole cards, going all in regularly to intimidate the other players. For me, I just leave when an aggressive player shows up. It changes the dynamics from a strategic game to one of chance and intimidation. Placing high bets on hole cards or going all or running up the bet on hole cards or as a matter of course right after the flop ignores skill and odds. There is always an element of chance but there is no skill in an overly aggressive player only a strategy of intimidation.

Having a high stakes status, I play on here to challenge my POKER skills. I’ve never purchased any chips. The dynamic of play amoung tables has increased to over betting - all in every hand and just flat out no respect for the table. I am guilty of NOT playing like a smart player to compete. However - Rule number 1 Place a value on your chips. You are investing in a hand . Broken every table because the chips are free. I have seen a pattern of new players beating incredible odds in a lot of hands. So - High stakes player in a low stakes game ?? I place value on my chips - Ipso I choose to invest 500 chips when playing so when I get donked out by reckless or a newbie, I’ve saved my bank.

You sound pretty angry for a guy who’s profile reads : " I play for fun" Oh and it’s losers - And if you weren’t one, you wouldn’t be crying on here. So put on your big boy pants and take the hard beats like the rest of us no matter the ranking and “play for fun”. Let the rest of us attempting to improve our ranks and build our banks out of your misery.

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im turning off links to this dont need to hear from a bunch of loosers~~~~

Mr cashmarket bowed out of this discussion when he couldn’t put his spelling where his mouth is …lol… :slight_smile: whiners never last long when they are called out :slight_smile:

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Relay Poker Community Forum High Stakes Players in Low Stakes Games March 29, 2017
Hi, cashmarket,

I don’t feel the same as you about playing against High Standing Players. Here’s my view–I only played a little bit 2 years ago & returned recently; I feel I need a lot of instruction and “feel” for the game. Playing against the HS players gives me an insight into some of their strategies. Holding a fairly good hand when they “blast” with a hair-raising bid, I may not like it, even despise it, but it’s instructive to me in the end–either for winning or losing ultimately. And I generally remember the incidents. I wait to play against them in the future if opportunities arise.

I’ll give you a more realistic example–I played tournament bridge for several years in the Los Angeles area as a beginner. I got better, initially with help from a unpaid pro-friend who to this day was the best player I ever played with and eventually a new husband. It was a treat to come up against real pros. And when they were disgruntled or even unsavory toward me or my partner, I made a notch in my head that I would GET him or her at the table the next time I played against them. And believe me, it happened time and time again. I waited for the moment and it came. I’d silently slice them to the core. I even had one of the outstanding
pro’s come up to me and say, “You really got us at the table…” I’m a very competitive person in many aspects, but I learned. I still made silly mistakes in playing some hands, my partner’s high points, but my bidding and doubles, strong aspects, got us tournament standings and wins that were unexpected. You can learn immensely from playing against the pro’s; believe me. They have three significant hindrances: under- estimating what they consider “weaker” opponents’ abilities, giving away their own “tells,” & denigrating opponents to their faces.

Cashmarket, think of playing against the tough players as a great challenge that reaps rewards.

Unless I made a mistake I’ve never entered a tournament for more than 5K. Most of the time I play free rolls. How I ever got labeled as being High Stakes I don’t know and don’t care. I have enough chips to play High Stakes, but none that I’ve bought, so you tell me, on what table do you think I should play?

cashmarket. You are are a child. Grow up then come back when you have a more suitable temperament. You care way too much about this game. Being “high stakes” or “low stakes” doesn’t matter. The only people who care about it are morons. Ones total amount of chips has no impact on the game. Get over it.

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I have read all contributors of this topic and find it very AMUSING and similar to the dramas that happens on the table. To those who are at the ready and quick to ridicule others, read again what you have typed >>> :sunglasses: you’re as bad as your ridicule. ReplayPoker promotes, “Family and Friendly Community Gaming” site, are you that good example player???

Less dramas if you all just play the game for what it is… FUN!

I purposely blew away 31 millions chips that I won from a 2500 chips bonus start, for 2 reasons.

1/ I can win it all again because it is not a complicated game;

2/ the serious unnecessary dramas that continues to be on-going on the tables and at this site is a… “Disgusting Turn Off”.

Poker is a great game and this site is very good to provide free access and chips to play for fun, stop side tracking from this with you’re bla bla bla, wake up people!!!

Same here and its cost me chips (special when I’m drunk :slight_smile: ).