High CPU/Memory usage leads to laggy experience

After an hour of playing, my CPU is churning at 5-15% and my chrome memory usage is bouncing around like crazy between 300-600MB. This leads to a really laggy UI experience in the game. Click a button and you have to wait a few seconds for the action to apply. This started happen recently or perhaps better stated, it wasn’t happening early in December. Ending task to the Chrome process (which doesn’t close on its on) and restarting the site resolves the issue for a while.

I have a high end gaming PC with high speed internet. This is a regression in this sites behavior or a recent chrome update. It could be some plugin going crazy but I don’t believe it is. I don’t experience this lag else where when watching youtube for hours. Only thing I do which might be different from other players is a take a lot of notes and I navigate to player profiles during the game to see their chip stacks.

Known Issue?

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I’m not sure if you have multiple Replay windows open or not but in the past, as I have a dual monitor desktop, I would keep the “main lobby screen " and the “tournament lobby screen” open in separate windows on one monitor and the “game table” open, full screen” on the other. I played this way for years but at some point, 8 or 10 months ago, I began to experience severe lagging on the game table window. At times this lagging was so bad the game became unplayable.

Trial and error led me to the solution of closing both the lobby windows and playing with only the game table window open to Replay. The problem disappeared immediately, without refreshing or rebooting. I now close all other Replay windows when I am actually playing and only switch back to lobby window(s) when I’m not actively in a game but looking for a tourney or chatting.

It is only multiple windows to Replay that cause my problem, I can have other sites and/or windows up while playing without experiencing lag in the game.

I notice a buildup of PFU, PageFileUsuage as I play. I tend to think it might be a browser issue or how the whole thing runs in the browser and interfaces with it. I also minimize the main session and switch to a non changing page… like the promotions page while playing, then return to the lobby after. In order to not have it all freeze up, I close everything on breaks and between MTTs… so that the PFU never exceeds certain levels.

I just started playing here last month. It has been falling into a lag. I recall 2 occasions where I’ve timed out before I could see my cards. Once I had pocket J’s and another I had pocket K’s.

What I’ve found (I use firefox) is if I just logout (even if I’m in a game) and closed the browser then opened it
back up, even right away, and signed back in. The lag would be completely gone.

It happens most to me when playing multi-table games. I keep everything closed except the dashboard and the game I’m playing.

To avoid lag, I close all other windows except the game window, and I minimise the lobby.

Also closing the main lobby helps quite a bit with lag.

all the answers are good ideas , also cleaning memory and shutting down any unused app’s is a great idea too . i also close out my lobby window !

Hello, I am pretty new here and just figured out how to post. Yes, I am kind of slow when it comes to tech.Started in August 2016 and am enjoying myself immensely. But, I am also having major lag problems during MTT play. Mostly on the final table or last two tables. I am using Firefox and have followed all of the suggestions in the help section and this lag still exists. I have been folded numerous times before I get a chance to act. Which, in the majority of the hands, actually did me a favor. Had Pocket AA a couple of times. Would of shoved and busted out each time.