High Card beats Pair of Aces!?!

Not sure why I finished 4th instead of 3rd against ‘HuricaneMurr’ in tournament #3969174 despite having the better hand when being eliminated at the same time: https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/662913839

Instead of winning 171000 chips I get zero chips.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but I feel like hand hierarchy should determine tie-breaking when multiple players are busted out in the same hand.

It’s because you “went broke” before HM did. You only had 520 chips, HM had 2400+ and the guy who beat you both had plenty more. When the side pots were settled, yours was the smaller one that went away first, HM’s went away second, meaning HM finished higher than you did in the event. The guy with 2 pairs beat you both, but the smaller pots are always settled first. That’s the logic of side pots. It hurts losing with AA, but it happens about once in every five times against a single opponent. You were facing two opponents and had the smallest stack. I would’ve done exactly what you did, and gotten the same result. Sometimes, we’re the bug and sometimes, we’re the windshield. The pot was settled correctly. Sorry.


Okay, thanks Alan25main. That really helps me understand what happened.


Yeah, sucks. You had the better hand but missed out on getting any chips due to the processing order of the side pot and main pot. I feel for you. In most real life tournaments, if multiple players get eliminated at the same time then they tie for the same place in the tournament and share the same prize. Would be nice if Replay Poker did the same thing.