Here we go (i cant spell) lol

ok here we go again…either im halucintaing or something is wrong…hand # 69448458 i had a full house queens over two’s and lost to 3 twos…am i nuts?? those cards flash pretty quiclky and it would be nice if the winning hand was at least displayed in the chat box. also hand # 69448718 it appears 3 nines lost to 3 eights…please clarify or send anti halucinogenics!!! thanks

You didn’t lose you split. Both players had full houses Qs and 2s.

From the box Dealer: ** Hand [ 69448458 ] started ** Dealer: * Dealt to board [ Qh 2d 2c ] Dealer: * Dealt to board [ Th ] Dealer: * Dealt to board [ Qc ] Dealer: sarpi shows Full House, Twos over Queens [ 2c 2h 2d Qc Qh ] Dealer: soulman96067 shows Full House, Twos over Queens [ 2d 2c 2s Qc Qh ] Dealer: * sarpi wins 56 Dealer: * soulman96067 wins 55

The second, I think you copy paste the wrong hand, see previous Dealer: ** Hand [ 69448657 ] started ** Dealer: * Dealt to board [ 6c 9d 2c ] Dealer: * Dealt to board [ 8h ] Dealer: * Dealt to board [ 9c ] Dealer: Package99 shows Three of a Kind, Nines [ 9d 9c 9s Ad 8h ] Dealer: henry22 shows Full House, Eights over Nines [ 8s 8c 8h 9c 9d ] Dealer: * henry22 wins 35

In Texas Hold’em, the players share the community cards.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled I had aces over queens and lost to a lesser hand. c above 69167652 i had aces over queens and lost to a lesser hand. what the hell is up with that?? i thought sumthin was funny…

As happiness pointed out “There is no problem, you had 2 pair and the other had Three of a Kind, Aces You lost that hand. That is poker, he / she had a better hand.”

Im more then happy check request like this .

So far in the past years I was RP player, thets 2010 february, I never ever see a program fault like this, let alone proven right. Its have some acusations against RP and the program, yet noone could ever prove it, just like this thread, turn out as fals. I accept the fact, some player dont know the rules, or the cards go too fast in the end. (what users ask for) RP its a poker site where players can learn , please do thet. Chips is free, but big THANKS for the site supporters who buy some chips. The fact, the play online never be same as real poker with real money, please accept this. And big THANKS for RP to crash any bug asap and problems, I never see a more supportive company in my life. ( actually, sometime too much thet support, I think)

All The Best