Here is a QUIZ

What cards were actually on the table?
This scenario happened today at approx 00:30 Zulu time ( Can’t remember the table No)

    1. I have a pair of 2 in hand
    1. On the flop : I had 2 pairs ( I bet reasonably)
    1. On The turm : I had a Full house (Great , I now bet heavily)
    1. On the River : I had no longer a Full House ( and the other guy got All In, & I Folded)

The question is: what was on the table ?

The other question is : How often have you been set up in a similar way by Replay


Paired flop and run-out of quads with 5th card being medium strength and unlikely to be held in a hand with the paired cards? So, you had quads with whatever kicker was on the board while your opponent’s all-in represented an A for his kicker.

As an example: J5J J J

Close to being right?

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Yes you are right
Quad 3 plus a Queen
So with my 2 it was lost hand
Thanks for your reply