[help] was this tiebreak right?

Hi, I have a question regarding the tiebreak of these two hands:
Was playing holde’n. In the first scenario had A2, and the other player AK (Hand #880877641 · Replay Poker), there was no split of the pot.
In a little later, playing against the same person on the same table, i had A2 and he QT, I made a fullhouse AAA99 and he made two pair QQ99 (Hand #880871133 · Replay Poker), and the pot was split!

In the first hand, I think there should have been a split in the pot, not in the second. I don’t understand the reason for this decision of the system, could someone help me?


In the second hand, you lost because your hand was AA882 versus your opponent’s hand of AA88K.

In the first hand, you won the main pot (of 392) and your opponent won the side pot (of 128) because your starting bankroll was only 103 chips and the others each bet more than 103 chips.

I hope this helps.