Help needed in finding a replacement for Puffin

Hi all, I have just been notified that Apple will no longer be supporting Puffin for my ipad from July, and wondered if anyone had tried Photon or found another ipad browser which will support flash. Puffin has been marvellous and the flash has been brilliant. It will still be available for android users but sadly not for my ipad. Any advice regarding alternatives from our many technical players will be very welcome.

Hope these help.
You can try Photon Browser. - Free and Paid version. - Download from iTunes
Brave Browser
Maxthon Browser
VirtualBrowser for Firefox - Download from iTunes
iSwifter Games Browser - 7 day free, then $

This link is a place to choose some from. But you need to research you needs from these browsers

Thanks very much for the research Fran. I have tried all the ones you suggest. Photon Browser refuses to load the trial version to my ipad, and I downloaded all the others but when I tried to play on Replay they said “sorry, flash is not supported on ios” . I assume, therefore that only android devices will work with these browsers.

I have the horrible feeliing that after 1st July many people are going to be disappointed as lots of players used Appleair ipads and Puffin to play here. Let us hope it will all be sorted when we eventually get HTML5 !!

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Might try this move out on the downloads

How to request the desktop version of a website in mobile Safari
Visit the affected site in Safari.
Tap and hold the Refresh button in the URL bar.
Tap Request Desktop Site.
The website will then reload as its desktop version.

I searched “ios browser that supports flash player” and photon and puffin were the only 2 browsers which were listed. As Puffin is going to stop then that appears to only leave Photon.
Maybe we need to try a paid version Grape, I’ll let you know.

Of course if Replay release the HTML tables the problem would be solved :wink:


Thanks flashlight, :heart:

In the app store I found Photon Flash Player for iPhone (rating 3.4) and Photon Flash Player and Anonymous Browser (rating 2.7). I paid for the Photon Flash Player for iPhone and downloaded it to my iPad.

I was able to log into Replay and play a game. It took a little bit of experimentation to see how things work but once I was familiar with it it seemed ok, my only complaint is the screen could be a little bigger. Note, I only played a few hands, not an entire tournament.

Many thanks Lyle, will give it a go!

Let us know if it worked grapevine, I’m in the same boat.

Yes it works Jack, but screen not as good as Puffin

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Photon is no longer working for my from my iPhone as of the last 24-36 hours.

Once it went to google I’ve been unable to connect.

Any suggestions?

I could not find any viable alternative and agree it is not worth spending money on photon as it is not reliable. I think Apple devices will be of no use on Replay after 1st July until we convert to HTML5


I’ve been using Photon on my Ipad for 3 days, no problems at all, in fact I think it’s better than Puffin was. I’ve found it easy to use and response etc is good. The cost was only $5.99 Aus so only 2.50 UK.

Maybe if you are having problems you are using the other version (there are 2 versions), maybe I’ve been lucky.

I’m using Photon Flash Player for Iphone - Flash Video and Games plus Private Web Browser. Note, I have been using this on my IPad even though it says IPhone version.

I’m not using Photon Flash player and Anonymous Browser for Ipad.

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