Help, my chips are gone!

I reported that I lost 50,000 chips in september and never got them back. I logged out of the system (i think). The next day the chips were gone. I think I was in big blind mania low. I would still like to know what happened.

Do you remember where you reported it? Was it on this website or via email? If we can track down the original request, we can take another look for you.

I was on this site.

I hadn’t been on the site very long. I may have caused the problem.

I don’t do computers well. I may have thought i sent it and did something wrong. And i don’t remember if it was through this site or email.

Unfortunately without more to go on, I can’t really investigate this any further. Please post a report on these support forums next time, as soon as it happens, and we’ll do our best to help.

How do Iget my chips back

I had 10000 chips and now they are gone help!

Are you folks still having problems?