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how do i verify my account

Hi there voodoo,

I see you have been playing on site without a problem so your account must be verified. What exactly did you wish to know concerning your account?


Hi sweetvoodoo,

You sent a message in to support yesterday and I replied. :slight_smile: Please check your email! If the response message isn’t there, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help.



Una consulta .
No estoy muy habituado y no conozco o no he interpretado las manos para jugar poker.
Una escalera para que tenga valor de escalera tiene que tener dos colores a lo sumo ?¿.
Porque me paso que tenia escalera pero no me la reconocieron como escalera.
Ojala se haya comprendido e interpretado mi pregunta.
Por aqui aguardo comentarios. Seran bien venidos.

A query .
I am not very used to and do not know or have interpreted the hands to play poker.
A ladder to have ladder value must have two colors at most?
Because it happened to me that it had a ladder but it was not recognized as a ladder.
Hopefully my question has been understood and interpreted.
Here I await comments. You’ll be welcome.
Thank you

I’m guessing that an “escalera” is a straight. If so, then it doesn’t matter how many colors or suits it contains, except if they are all the same suit, it’s a straight flush, which is a very very good hand.

If you can post the hand number of a hand where you had a straight and it wasn’t recognized as such, that might help.

Also note that, if you are playing some form of Omaha, you must use 2 and only 2 of your hole cards to make your hand.

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10 (pica), J (trebol), Q (corazon), K (pica), A (Diamante).
Tiene validez ?.
Es muy evidente que no.
solo se juega del A a la K.
Me parece ?

Yes, that is a valid straight.

Ace can be either high or low, so A-2-3-4-5 is a straight, and 10-J-Q-K-A is also a straight.

The suits don’t matter with straights, unless they are all the same exact suit, then it’s a straight flush.