Help me! What are these hands

What in the world is this hand?
I open raise, every single moron calls with as you can see in the end, hands like 6/3. And they all continue with idiotic draws and stupid percentages and get rewarded for it.
Probably have to change to playing for money, because i cant take idiocy like that.
Any suggestions on playing it differently? I mean they put their chips in with 6/3 or a draw against a stupid price.
And thats not even talking about the guy with pocket 8s who doesnt get hes beat twice so he just hits a two outer, but nvm hes still way behind the 2 draw morons in the end…

Things aren’t so bad at the high stakes, try two tabling the biggest stake you can and grind it up in cash, then you can play real competition.

:joy::joy::joy: Forgot how terrible the low stakes games on this site are! I guess you need to try and get some more chips and join the top 1000 or so in decent tables! The game is much more fun when you can play with some skill! GL

PS If the table is that terrible then QQ should probably be an open shove …sadly

not just this site…
try medium stake at least or adopt to they game

Yeah people should really go play micro on paying sites to get an idea of the zoo it is there as well. For 1 reg there are like 50 fishes. I started PLO recently and it’s even worse since it’s the new trendy variant and that people only understood more variance = more mindless aggressiveness.

if you looking for a shoulder you have one here.
if you play any tounrey below 50k buy in you will meet atleast 10 professional donkeys…my last experience was 4300 chips all in j4 offsuit and he took out my AA.
then they the 50k and above tourney you might find some respite from them.but i must also admit somehow one or two idiots manages to find himself almost to the final table by sheer donkey luck.
but i wear my heart on my sleeve in honour of the growing no of donkeys that are manning the table these days i changed my display picture to a donkey last week.
Free chip games is not an arena without them they will co-exist permanently.
goodluck going forward my friend…

I play strictly for fun. Been playing for a little over a year. Started on the 1/2 table and for what ever reason stayed there. For the most part, 80%~ of the time there are at least 3 to 5 high ranked players at the table and are a joy to play with, and you really get to know them well . The other (20%~) of the time when the newbies or low ranked players take their seat, for the most part they play a mix of bingo and very loose play. They have to learn somewhere and I have no problem playing with them. Typically I play loose and a little aggressive when it’s right, but tighten up quite a bit when the new very loose players enter the table. Patients is key, I generally will fold most of the time if they make an over sized bet, and try not to put my stack at risk. That’s not to say AA, KK, QQ, AK won’t get cracked but at least the % is in my favor. In time you can get to the point of knowing what’s in their hand and if you have the better kicker or not. We all have our little tells and the lower ranked ones are a wee bit easier to read. If I have a bad beat, I don’t get upset or let it bother me I just tighten up a little bit more and grind my stack back up. At the end of the day this is just a place to have a great deal of fun and enjoyment with friends. It’s up to you if you see the glass half full or half empty. If you find yourself going full on tilt stop and take a break, I’ve seen good players lose their stack by going tilt.

Yeah, this seems to be your best option. No matter where you go, whether it be low-ranking free tables, real cash tables, or irl at your local casino, you’ll find those players who just can’t let go of that feeling they’ll get lucky, and hit one of their two outs (though much less-so with the latter). But a general rule of thumb is, the higher the stakes, the more cautious the player… Unless you’re Tom Dwan.

Haha and where is Tom Dwan now??

lol I heard he was making a killing in Macau and then lost some absolutely monster pots online later on. Im sure he at least has a couple million In the bank though. He is probably taking a break

I heard that he’s in New Jersey right now taking care of his sickly father or something.

Someone tell me when 3 players are all in how does a pair of 10’s beat a pair of kings ?

It does so about 20% of the time. The fact of being three only takes out equity from KK. Say there’s KK-TT-A2s it goes 55/20/25

Do you think he get it?

I’ve been playing poker for a long time. Online and in casinos for real money. You will find a percentage of unskilled players that can afford a large stack to basically bop you over the head with way more chips than you. Despite your great draw cards AA KK etc. the high cards don’t always win and that is a fact. I will take chances from time to time and sometimes you’ll win and other times you lose. At casino’s the hand starts great pre-flop, looks great on the flop but by the time the remaining cards are dealt there are many things that can happen. Knowing in advance the ranking of cards and possible hands and being able to spot your great hand compared to what can possibly beat you is an advantage over the inexperienced lesser skilled player. The issue of Bingo players as previously described annoyed me because they come to the table rowdy or drunk and disrupt a friendly game of good players. As Joe Dirk once told me is to remain cool and be patient. You can have a better profit margin than the Bingo players. When they go all in, every hand, wait until you feel you have a winning hand and then they will usually suffer. You can’t get upset or take the game too seriously lest you lose your own focus. Watch the very successful players and see how many times they fold as opposed to the number of times they call. It will be no wonder as to why they win a lot. Selectivity, patience and a cool demeanor will prevail. Even at the Casinos I have played when real cash is at stake, there will be guys that get 9-2 off suit and will end up with a full house or a flush by pure luck. Realize that with a deck of 52 cards a 9 player table each with 2 cards (18) the 3 ‘burn cards’ + the 3 flop + turn + river = 26 cards or half the deck.
The number of possible combinations of a 5 card poker hand (2 through A) =13 x 4 suits
is 311,875,200 possible combinations. Each Rank has a number that are essentially the same but the suits affect the many possibilities. Relax and enjoy the good people playing and you will find much greater satisfaction.
In many tournaments I have found when a player is low on chips and go All In as a last resort, the good players will just check on through all the way to the river and simply let the cards fall as they may to be fair and considerate. The truly fine players will do this regardless of their obvious winning hand. They will not try to bet beyond what the all in player. That is there is just a main pot, not a side pot. Their finesse, super-cedes the acquisition of more chips. Anyway, There are time lag issues and disconnections and yes I have experienced many times being timed out and surrendering great hands in succession. You hear the sound of the next hand being dealt but you still haven’t been able to bet your outstanding cards since the screen is frozen and the mouse cursor isn’t responding to all the frantic pounding you’re clicking on the buttons. It is frustrating annoying and aggravating beyond belief but there are a few simple actions you can perform to prevent those glitches. You need to choose a hand where you fold or sit out then refresh your browser and tune up the controls. I have found Replay Poker to be my favorite site as far as on line poker games. There are many I have experienced that just don’t come anywhere close to being like a real casino poker table. Remember to be a good sport you can’t win 'em all and my own personal take on the game…
“and you can quote me, they don’t call it Texas Fold 'em!” Have fun whatever you do LOL often see you at the final table.

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Dirk what you say make sense. I see myself in a lot of things you mention. Still, I enjoy Replay the most of any site I previously played.

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I don’t get it ! Is that something like house rules ? I thought that kings beat 10’s anytime. I’m not trying to be a pain just trying to figure it out. THANKS for trying to help anyway.

It seems you have been at the table for a decent period of time. Presumption deduced by your comments. Raising 450 (4.5 x the big blind) is way too weak based on your assumption that as you say:

kbryant24: idiot table with every1 calling raises with idiotic hands

When you have a good hand make players pay. I would call if i was in the mood with all of the calling hands that beat you. Its also way too weak a raise for a 9 player table. QQ is the type of hand like AA, KK, AK, AQ where you want to isolate and play against 2, 3 or 4 players at the most.

I would open raise to 650 - 1100 if as you say every1 is calling too much.

The other option is to call the blind and check raise (3 bet) preflop, if you are very confident someone will raise preflop. Call the 100, then check raise it to say 3 times what they bet or even bigger if they noob raise 200, 300 or 400 etc. Generally i would check raise (3 bet) to about 1300 min, but more if u think they are dumb enough to call, or at least 3 times their preflop raise.

Your flop bet was also too weak (1400 into 4000 less than 50% of the pot). It basically represents weakness, like a missed AK or AQ etc. Fair enough your not overly confident based on 8 competitors seeing the flop. Its still too weak though. I would be pretty happy to call with 88, with only 1 overcard a 10 on the flop and try and hit an 8, especially considering he has 8 of spades, so he isnt hitting the 8 of spades and losing to a flush. He may still have u beat if u had a hand like AK or AQ anyway, which is about all your flop bet represents.

63 of spades hits a great flop. Open-ended straight draw and flush draw = 13 outs flush drawing + 6 outs (222 or 777) straight drawing = 19 cards he can hit to almost certainly have the best hand. I would have shoved in a heart beat with that hand.

FYI this is the only “way behind drawing moron” as you called them: The only bad play was kymechanic1 with J9 offsuit, flopping nothing, but still calling your weak flop bet.

Your turn bet was ok i guess. A strong bet would have been much better on the flop, and then shove the turn.

At the end of the day you got unlucky to come up against all these hands. Chances are you were always going to lose. You might not have though, if you had played and bet more aggressively and more in tune with the dynamics of the table, and players.

Go rewatch the hand and you will see you didnt make them pay, ie they werent drawing against a “stupid price” at all as you called it. They all had generally good draws and good “percentages” as you called it, especially based on your bet sizing.

This is just probability. Any over pair is about 80/20 pre flop. By that I mean that 80% of the time the over pair will hold, 20% of the time the under one will catch either a set (wich account to most of the 20%) a fh, a quad, a flush/straight.

It varies a bit, it can be 82/18 for example with AA against 22 depending also on the suit.

Beat that! There is a proper bad beat (I checked preflop because quite often my A8 isn’t the best hand preflop with so may limpers, checked the flop because people often just bet crazy with top pair at this level or otherwise don’t have anything at all on such a dry board, then bet pot on the turn because I reckon that there weren’t that many aces or queens and people at this level often call pot just as much as anything else then of course shoved on the river to get value from (one) queen). Then I got knocked out the hand after with AK vs 93. I just had a quick try at low stakes because there was nothing else on and these things just happen because nobody raises preflop. Deal with it- it doesn’t mean the site is rigged (it WOULD be rigged if these things never happened). This happens on all sites and it’s pretty annoying that you try to complain about the 80/20 or even 70/30 beats- they happen all the time. Give up trying to claim this site is rigged with no proper information.

Edit: These things do just happen all the time, even at high stakes, that wasn’t by any means the only one- here is another