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Sounds like he was at a big disadvantage, being on tilt and being able to keep topping up and losing chips at such a rapid pace. It’s lucky you were there to win his chips.

Topping up is not an advantage because in a cash game almost everyone has at least 100 big blinds. If you buy in for less than 100 bbs then you are at a disadvantage of your own choosing.

I guess I need to see a psychologist, because I see auto-top as a slight advantage, not a huge one. I might suggest that anyone who doesn’t use it isn’t in their right mind and probably needs to see a psychologist, but I would rather talk about a topic and not insult people because they have a different point of view. I’ll take any advantage I can get within the rules, thanks.

Auto-top is a slight advantage, more a convenience really, because I want to have as many chips in play as possible so if I have a good hand, I can possibly extract max value.

I don’t get the part about imbalance. I want everyone to have as many chips as I do so I can take them all if I hit a good hand. If someone has more than me, that’s OK, as long as I can double, I’m happy.

if having auto on means you won’t miss a hand, everyone should have it on all the time unless they like missing hands.

If someone doesn’t take advantage of every advantage, they will be at a disadvantage. Why would anyone purposely put themselves at a disadvantage? Vegas was built with money earned from slight advantages. I see a lesson there.


[quote=“SunPowerGuru, post:22, topic:6635”]
I’ll take any advantage I can get within the rules, thanks.
[/quote]I …10000% agree, SPG… I too use the rules to my advantage.
The point of this thread was not to lobby Replay to chg things.
It was not to debate good or bad really …

I guess I need Spock to answer , cause I need a non-emotional look see.
I’m simply talking about the fact that modify’n ones chips between hands on a ring table, shouldn’t be limited to 1 side or the other, thus giving 1 side an advantage… The House gets thier cut up front, thats why poker isn’t against the house… and the house sets the rules. Its in thier best interest to make it as fair across the board for all players thus maximizing thier available playerbase to extract $$$ from.

Just as you said,[quote=“SunPowerGuru, post:22, topic:6635”]
Auto-top is a slight advantage, more a convenience really, because I want to have as many chips in play as possible so if I have a good hand, I can possibly extract max value.
[/quote]So even you admit it is an advantage, whereas another player might want to do the opposite, have the fewest chips exposed as possible @ any 1 time…

Now I also understand the thinking that goes… wait I have this and yeah its kinda unfair, but I’m not willing to give up my advantage, I already have this advantage…I am sympathetic to it kinda, its like when the rich ppl start to get taxed more, hell no they don’t want that so they’ll take any posistion that helps them save $$$$… or politicians who, once they get power… don’t want to give it up @ any cost…

No I get it SPG, I really do… altho it might be harder, why not give them the same advantage you have in opposite… would it kill ya ???

I have been playing many years SPG, I went to Vegas a couple times, play’d for years online( free and cash)… and this is the 1st I’ve heard of this… so just understand, I know no other way… just like you apparently know no other way than what it currently is …

If you wanna eliminate Banking, then eliminate top-offs, and eliminate rebuys ( unless listed 5% )… and just level the playing field… you sit, you leave, period… no manipulation of stacks between hands in any way… you bust out, get back in line, and rebuy-in ( not rebuy ) back onto the table… But, if you wanna allow topp’n off, you must allow Bank’n …

And as far as auto rebuys, I should NEVER lose 1 hand, because I had to rebuy, and I should have the freedom to rebuy back in @ any variable amount it allows… Thus NEVER need’n to “auto” anything … but this is currently broken on ReplayPoker.

I’m not against eliminating auto-top/rebuy.

If it’s an advantage, it’s not much of one, at least as far as I’m concerned.

If I lose everything in a hand, I would rather sit out a few hands anyway.

Auto-top isn’t a big deal either. It might theoretically offer a slight advantage, but the situation doesn’t come up all that often, and the difference in winnings isn’t that great. It’s not like I care that much about the chips one way or the other.

Still, as long as the feature is there, I’ll use it.

and SPG, I dont just use the rules, I abuse the rules if necessary…

Where-as I think it was Warlock in another thread, you are creating imbalances to then later exploit those imbalances in chipstacks… so to that end, yes it does become a advantage to modify ur stack between hands…
I’m a real witch in reality about this 1, to me if you lose ur chips to someone else, its ur fault and whatever they do with them is of no concern of yours… I learned to pretend those chips no longer exsist… so if you can add 50k chips between hands to the table, then I can take 50k chips from the table between hands…( as long as that will NOT drop me below the min buyin for the table )… otherwise I have to get up to Bank those, and reseat if I want…

I do think it adds more than it detracts… in the following 3 ways…

  1. Its simpy fair both ways, to everyone
  2. It adds strategy
  3. It keeps chips/players at the table and reduces hit/run tactics… by allowing Bank’n, a player that might otherwise leave with a sizeable profit, might bank his orig stake, and play with his winnings… thus allowing other players to win thier chips back, and prolly from a looser player.

But all I was trying to discuss was #1

We used to have a saying in the Cav, “If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck…” (actually a John Steinbeck quote)

I don’t see it as unfair really. Is it unfair that your knight can jump over pieces? Is it unfair that the dealer has to hit on 16 and stand on 17? It is what it is.

Since auto-top and auto-rebuy aren’t features of real world casino poker, I think a case could be made that Replay would be more “realistic” if they were eliminated. IMO, adding more “unrealistic” features would be a step in the wrong direction.

it really seems like you are talking oranges, and I apples… not sure why…[quote=“SunPowerGuru, post:26, topic:6635”]
Since auto-top and auto-rebuy aren’t features of real world casino poker
[/quote]How is this again, I ask’d @ the Venetian, I was told this by the pitboss “Just tell the dealer between hands if you want to change your stack, Once the next hand starts you can’t till that hand is over”… The hell u say it isn’t part of live poker ??? I beg to differ with you…

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Try doing it after every single hand and see how long they tolerate it.

But really, having the ability to change your stack size isn’t the same as having it done automatically. Yeah, you can top off, but you can’t auto-top in live poker.

Auto top and rebuy is not an advantage if its available to everyone. Auto top off and rebuy are good things. You want to have the maximum chips available to you to take advantage of other players mistakes by winning the maximum you can when you win. Having more chips than your comfortable with at the table at the one time should not be an issue if you are playing within a bankroll. Ideally, you should always be buying in for the max buy in and auto topping off and rebuying. Replay would be less realistic if it didn’t use it, since every single online poker site uses auto top off and rebuy.

Hi I was playing to day and there were 2 players that I knew of bluffing I folded and the other 2 played it out and one said to me Bluffing is the way of Poker I never heard that before I fold or leave the than 2 other players left because I said that I do look for a table that likes a nice honest game and there are players that bluff and that is fine so why do they get up set if I fold or leave I do keep a list so I try not to get on with too many players that bluff am I wrong to keep folding or leave I don’t want to say any thing but I don’t bluff and they do so I fold One fellow said I was wearing the fold button out I never told him why but he raised every hand was called and had nothing I cant believe they get a kick out of that Than he said how he lost 7-8 min a week must have played other bluffers that beat him am I wrong to Leave or Fold??? sammymorgan

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There’s no wrong way to play, really.

But if you fold to any bluff, they will figure it out and take advantage of you and actually bluff more.

Leaving doesn’t accomplish much. You will find bluffers at every table.

There are 2 basic ways to win a hand: have the best cards or get everyone else to fold. If they bet and you call when you have a strong hand, but fold every time you don’t, you are making it too easy for them to figure out what you have. It’s almost like playing with your hole cards face up. Obviously, this is a big disadvantage.


Tell me why I am the only on that gets PLEASE DO NOT FLOOD THE CHAT IN RED WHY ONLY ME when I asked other players on the table they said they didn’t get it We were all having a really good time and that came up again not once but 8-10 times this happened to me a few weeks ago like I said what is the chat for if they don’t want u to chat and why only me I really don’t under stand why me Are they offended for any reason that I have great friends and we all enjoy each other while playing and having such a great time Do they want me on a table where a player does not chat (boring)sammymorgan thank u

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It sounds like you have your keyboard repeat rate set too fast. When you hit your enter key, you are holding it for a little too long, and this sends a string of “Enters” to the program, which is read as a chat flood.

Open your keyboard settings window, click on the “speed” tab, then move the “repeat rate” slider to the left to set a slower repeat rate.

I use Windows 7, so I would click “Start,” then “Devices and Printers,” then right-click the keyboard icon and choose “Keyboard Settings,” but if you are using a different version of Windows (or a different operating system), it might be a little different for you.


Exactly the same in windows 10 :+1:t2:

Hmmmm, maybe it’s repeat delay. Well, set them both slower! LOL

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I get this message some times if I leave my finger on a key for a second too long, as in if I say nh to someone and my finger stays on the h key a little long the chat will fill up with hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… and then I get the don’t flood the chat message.


I assure you: It is not only you. I get it too–when the computer/site is lagging and I can’t get my message to send. I am guilty of thinking that if I keep banging the keyboard it will be fixed. :wink:


Thank u all very much I was feeling it was just me so I am happy to hear its me and not replay I am so careful what I do and say sammymorgan


you told me yesterday how to delete my account I cant find any thing that say’s deactivate in in settings thank you sammymorgan

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